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Carpet Cleaning Lakewood CO

MSS Cleaning is your local residential carpet cleaning Lakewood company. We have the right equipment, solutions, and know how to get your carpets looking great. MSS offers both commercial carpet cleaning and residential carpet cleaning to Lakewood and the Greater Denver Area. Have you noticed lately that when you run your vacuum over your carpet, no matter how many times you try to leave it looking clean, it still doesn’t? This is because vacuuming only removes surface soil and dirt. It also does not remove stains or deep dirt from your carpet fibers. However, our top of the line truck mounted equipment and specially formulated solutions does.

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MSS Cleaning’s Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet Pre-treatment

Our residential carpet cleaning process is comprehensive and it leads to complete carpet cleaning and great looking carpets. The first step is to inspect your carpets for any areas of damage or staining. If carpet damage is present, we can fix areas with carpet patching, carpet seaming, or carpet stretching. If your carpets are stained or have odor issues, we apply specific spot treatments to those areas. From there, we pre-spray all areas with a non-toxic prespray. This breaks down dirt, grime, and light stains.

Carpet Hot Water Extraction

After we complete the pre-treatment, we perform a full hot water extraction (steam cleaning) using our powerful commercial truck mounted carpet cleaning machines. These machines are capable of heating water well above boiling temperatures. A hot water and solution rinse is applied to your carpet at high pressure blasting through dirt and grime. We then suction out this water via the truck mount’s powerful vacuum. A post inspection to make sure stains have been removed and a carpet raking follows. This leaves your carpet fibers nicely aligned and your carpet looking beautiful.

Restorative Carpet Cleaning Lakewood

MSS Cleaning is your local carpet cleaning Lakewood CO team. We also service the surrounding areas. If you want to renew and restore your carpets, schedule an appointment with our team. We will bring professional tools and the right methods to ensure your carpets are safe, but thoroughly clean. Did you know? When you spill things on your carpeting, even if you clean the top layer, the spill can permeate the padding underneath. Over time this padding can become increasingly contaminated. If you want to truly clean your carpet, it requires the work of our professional carpet cleaning team. Talk to us today to schedule carpet cleaning in Lakewood for your home or business.

Local Lakewood Carpet Cleaning

As a business local to Lakewood, we are here to provide you with the professional carpet cleaning services you need at rates you can afford. Lakewood is a thriving town, located adjacent to the state capital. When you need a local carpet cleaning business you can count on for quality service, call your neighbors at MSS Cleaning, your local carpet cleaning Lakewood company!

Our carpet cleaning technicians are efficient, prompt, and friendly. You can trust that every member of our team is equally dedicated to the standard of high quality we have set. We are passionate about ensuring your carpets look great and that they stay that way through regular maintenance.

Pet Odor Removal

Have you invited a furry friend into your home? Whether you have a beloved cat who likes to shed throughout your house or a young pup who hasn’t quite learned how to differentiate between the yard and your carpet, we have the steam cleaner solutions you need. We specialize in pet odor and stain removal. We can help you make your home smell like the warm, inviting place you want it to be. Talk to us about targeting hard to rid odors and stains from pets.

At MSS Cleaning we provide a wide array of carpet cleaning services and other related steam cleaner services. Check out the list below of services we can provide and contact us for pricing:

Ready to get started? Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We can assist you with carpet cleaning for your home or business, and no matter how big or small the project at hand, we will treat it with a high level of professionalism. We look forward to providing you with premium carpet cleaning services soon.

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