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Damaged Carpet… Fix it, Don’t Replace It!

You want trusted professionals who can expertly provide carpet repair in Denver for damaged areas. We’re here to deliver on that expectation. Our highly experienced team will provide a free over the phone or in-person estimate. Give us a call or schedule an estimate online!

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There are many different carpet repairs that can be done. Everything from fixing a carpet cigarette burn to replacing large pieces of ripped carpet. Here are a few examples of work we do. If you need carpet stretching instead of repairs, we have a separate page for that here: carpet stretching services 

carpet patching in denver showing before, during and finished circular carpet patch work

Sometimes your cat is having a rough day. So he decides to claw a nice hole in your carpet, you know, for stress relief. You end up with something like the first picture. While tearing holes in your carpet may relax your cat, it certainly doesn’t relax you. Fortunately, as long as you’ve got some spare matching carpet, we can cut out a small patch. We can them seam it right back in place. Like magic!

Bigger, Complex Carpet Repairs

If you have a larger area to be patched or an irregular shape, fear not. Assuming you have a spare piece of carpet or can get one, we can cut out the damaged piece of carpet and seam in a new piece.

We use state of the art Kool Glide carpet seaming tools that don’t result in any distortion of the carpet fibers. It also prevents any damage to the carpet backing caused by some old-school tools. The repair is permanent and the seams are the best around.

Carpet repair work done in Denver, CO showing a new piece of seamed in tan carpet about to be stretched back against the wall

Fixing Carpet Seams and Runs in Carpet

Does your carpet have a split seam? Or maybe a string got caught in your vacuum and pulled out run in the carpet? Both of these issues can typically be fixed without replacing your carpet.

We use high quality radio frequency activated (yes, really) seam tape. This seam tape hold the tightest seams available. For carpet runs, we can use glue to stop the run and fiber match in some new carpet pieces. Or we can replace and re-seam in a new area.

Saving you Money: Carpet patching and repair is a good solution when a stain cannot be removed. Instead of replacing the whole carpet, we often save our customers money by repairing a small area. MSS Cleaning is your proven choice for Denver carpet repair as well as repairs across the Greater Denver Area.

Carpet Cleaning and Repair in Denver

Many times, carpets need to be repaired and cleaned. A lot of our customers like that we can expertly provide both services. Its convenience for them that we can both clean and repair the carpet on the same day.

We get that you’d probably prefer not to spend your time calling around to try and find multiple vendors for your project. Thats why we offer expert carpet repair and carpet cleaning under one roof. Saving you time, hassle, and frustration.

carpet cleaning and re-installation with carpet pad replacement due to pet urine damage

 Regardless of your carpet repair needs, MSS Cleaning is your one-stop-shop for Denver carpet repair, carpet stretching, carpet patching and more.

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