Denver carpet repair - carpet patching in a closet showing before and after

Not only can MSS Cleaning clean your carpet, but we repair it too. Above is an example of a carpet patch in Denver that we did recently. Carpet patching is a permanent carpet repair – once it’s done and carpet raked, you can’t even spot where the patch was made.

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Saving you Money: Carpet patching and repair is a good solution when a stain cannot be removed. Instead of replacing the whole carpet, we often save our customers money by repairing a small area. MSS Cleaning is your proven choice for Lakewood carpet repair as well as in the Greater Denver Area.

Spot Treatment:

MSS Cleaning carries a wide range of solutions to remove all kinds of spots and stains. Our expert technicians can typically remove almost any stains from carpet. We are always happy to consult with you on any spot treatment or stain removal questions you may have.

Whether you have pet stains that require basic or deep carpet cleaning, or if someone spilled a pot of coffee, leaving a huge coffee stain on the floor, we can help. Some of the more common stains we can typically remove include, but are not limited to:

  • Pet stains in Carpet
  • Bodily Fluid Stains in Carpet
  • Paint Stains in Carpet
  • Oil/Grease Stains in Carpet
  • Red Wine Stains in Carpet
  • Red Stains in Carpet
  • Wax in carpet
  • Coffee stains on carpet
  • Ink stains on carpet
  • Blood stains on carpet
Carpet repair carpet stain removal

A customer’s dog had an accident in multiple places leaving pet stains behind. She attempted to remove the pet stains herself but was not successful. We took care of the stains without any issue and left the carpet freshly raked too! It’s because of quality work like this, that we are Denver pet stain pros.

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Carpet Stretching:

Over time, or due to a poor initial installation, carpets begin to develop wrinkles or begin to buckle. When this happens, call us to get your carpet stretched. Depending on the severity of the wrinkle or buckling, as well as the location in the room, different tools can be used to stretch carpets back to normal and looking right again.

Frequently, carpet stretching can be done on the same day as a scheduled carpet cleaning. If your carpet is coming away from the wall, we can repair this issue too. Using a carpet stretcher – either a “knee kicker” or a “power stretcher”, we stretch the carpet, trim the excess material, and tuck the carpet back under your baseboard or transition strip. If your tack strips are loose or damaged, we also repair the tack strips prior to stretching the carpet.

MSS Cleaning offers professional Denver carpet stretching services!

MSS Cleaning provides high-quality, but affordable Denver carpet repair. We patch damaged carpet caused by tears, pet damage, burns or stains that can’t otherwise be removed. If a spare piece of carpet is available, we use this as a patch. However, if it’s not, we will cut a patch from a discrete area such as behind a closet door replace the visibly damaged area.

Denver carpet repair before during and after service

Carpet Runs and Seaming

If you have a run forming in you carpet, we have a carpet repair solution for that, too. We expertly trim the carpet and re-adhere the run with special glue. MSS Cleaning also provides carpet seaming and various other services too. Give us a call and we can discuss what needs to be done!

 Regardless of your carpet repair needs, MSS Cleaning is your one-stop-shop for Denver carpet repair, carpet stretching, carpet patching and more.

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