How Often Should You Get Carpets Cleaned?

How Often Should you Get Carpets Cleaned?

Ongoing Maintenance of Your Carpet is Important

Your carpets make up an important part of the cleanliness of your home. We’re not just talking about the appearance of the carpets (though that matters too). What many people don’t realize is that carpets act as a giant dust and dirt filter in your home. They collect not only dust and dirt, but allergens as well. Also, they’re a sizeable investment and can be a pain to have to replace.

To keep your carpets clean and fresh while avoiding excessive wear, most groups like the IICRC or the Carpet and Rug institute call for cleaning every 12-18 months. This advice to clean your carpets this often coincides with maintaining the warranty on newly installed carpets, too. Most manufacturers want you to professionally maintain your carpet with a proper carpet cleaning process.

What Can You Do To Maintain Carpets Yourself?

Vacuum Your Carpets RegularlyPre-vacuuming before carpet cleaning using a commercial vacuum cleaner

You should aim to vacuum your carpets at least once a week. High traffic areas will understandably require more frequent vacuuming than, say, under the couch. Vacuuming isn’t just about getting visible dirt or pet hair. it’s also important since it helps to get rid of dry soil particles. Dry soil acts as an abrasive which slowly damages carpet, taking years off of it’s useful life. It can also extend the amount of time between professional carpet cleaning services.

Clean Up Spots Quickly

When you spill something on your carpet, clean it quickly. While spot cleaning needs vary, in general your first step is to absorb as much of the material as you can. From there, tackle the spot based on the specific item you spilled. For example, to clean up coffee spilled on carpet or cleaning slime from carpet both require different steps.

Put Down Door Mats and Take Off Shoes Inside

The aforementioned dry soil causes damage to carpets. As does, more obviously, wet muddy shoes. The easiest ways to cut down on dirt in your home or business is to put down door mats. When possible, remove shoes while indoors as well.

Fix Carpet Frays and Runs Before They Worsen

If there’s one thing we know, carpet damage only gets worse. When you spot a run or a fray, you want to address it immediately. Trim the damage as much as possible and then use an adhesive like a hot glue gun to glue down the area as discretely as possible. This will help keep it from running. If the damage is bad or you want to improve the appearance, we offer a full suite of car

Even With Maintenance Professional Carpet Cleanings Are Needed

With proper maintenance, you may be able to reduce how often you need to get your carpets cleaned. However, the best bet is to follow the guideline of 12-18 months for residential carpet cleaning. Commercial carpet cleaning requires a more frequent carpet cleaning service schedule.


Other Reasons To Schedule a Carpet Cleaning

Scheduled, ongoing professional carpet cleaning is important both to keep your carpets, and your home, looking their best. But, there are also some cases in which is makes sense to get the carpets cleaned off-schedule. Here are some of the common scenarios that may change how often you get your carpets cleaned.

You Have Pets in Your Home

puppy sitting on floorDogs and cats are wonderful companions… unless you happen to be a carpet. Animals track additional dirt and grime into the home (sometimes quite a bit of it). Then there is the inevitable issue of pet odor and pet urine to address. While there are some home remedies that can help with pet odors the only surefire solution is going to be professional carpet cleaning for pet urine and odor. That’s because home remedies and rented equipment just don’t have the power, or appropriate solutions to do the job right.

You Have New Renters Moving In

If you are a landlord and you manage your own property, you are responsible for ensuring the house is ready when one renter leaves and a new renter moves into the home. Part of this process includes ensuring the carpets are clean. Although your last renters may have left the carpets stain free, grime and dirt will still build up in the carpet’s fibers. This can cause damage to your carpeting over time. Schedule professional carpet cleaning services before your new renters move into the home. Not only will this provide them with a clean and sanitary place to live, it will also help protect your carpets, which means less money spent on repairs or replacement.

You Purchased A Home

new homeowners standing happily in front of home while mover brings in furnitureBuying a home can be a thrilling time. If you purchase a home with previous residents, then the carpeting should be professionally cleaned before you settle in. Even if the carpeting looks clean, it is a host to a myriad of unsavory substances. Dirt, grime, dander, pet stains and more can be lurking beneath the surface. Professional carpet cleaning will effectively sanitize your carpets and leave them fresh, and almost as good as new. Instead of plopping down on your new home’s carpets with unknown grime, give yourself the peace of mind that your carpeting is clean.

You’re Getting Ready To Sell Your Home

Not only is it a great idea to professionally steam clean carpets once you buy a home, it is also a good idea when you are trying to sell a home. Before you show off your property, make sure it is in the best condition possible. Get rid of unsightly stains and a general dingy look through professional steam cleaning.

How Often You Clean Your Carpets Matters

Hopefully this article has helped illustrate the importance of regularly carpet maintenance and professional cleaning. If you are in the Greater Denver Area and you’d like to work with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or to schedule an appointment with us.

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Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Services in Denver

Why a Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine is Best

When looking for professional Denver truck mount carpet cleaning services, our recommendation at MSS Cleaning is to first look for a service provider offering truck mounted hot water extraction. Hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning) is the best method for cleaning carpets.

There are two types of carpet cleaning machines that can be used for hot water extraction. A portable carpet cleaning machine and a truck mount carpet cleaning machine. Whenever a truck mount is available, it’s by far the superior option.

Truck mounted carpet cleaning machines have significantly better suction, heat, and pressure. This leads to a more thorough, faster carpet cleaning with shorter dry times.

MSS Cleaning is the best truck mount carpet cleaner in Denver and the surrounding areas.

best truck mount carpet cleaning services in Denver
Denver carpet cleaning services with a truck mount carpet cleaning machine sapphire scientific 570SS

Not All Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machines are Created Equal

For providing Denver carpet cleaning services, there are a wide range of truck mount carpet cleaning machines. The quality of work and reliability between machines also varies greatly.

  • Firstly, there are smaller residential units with 15-20 horsepower.
  • Secondly, there are larger commercial truck mount units (such as the units we use) with 25-35 horsepower.
  • Finally there are huge truck mount machines with 60 horsepower car engines designed for massive industrial jobs or giant water extraction needs.

These huge industrial carpet cleaner machines are in most cases overkill for smaller jobs and produce too much heat to not be used in dual wand operations.

We’ve found the sweet spot for both residential carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning to be in the Sapphire Scientific 570SS machine. This truck mount carpet cleaning machine offers huge suction. It also provides up to 1,500 PSI of continuous pressure and 3 heat exchangers to create hot, constant heat.  

Four Reasons Why our Truck Mounts Help us to be the Best

First, reach:

Our truck mount carpet cleaning machines can pull vacuum for up to 600 feet. We carry 600 ft. of hose to take advantage of that reach. Smaller residential machines are lucky to pull vacuum half of that distance (many even less).

For Denver carpet cleaning services, this means we can park in a safe place, and that we can carpet clean large office buildings reaching the farthest corners, even in huge spaces.

Second, heat:

When it comes to truck mounted carpet cleaning services, MSS Cleaning can provide plenty of heat to clean carpets right. Effective, professional carpet cleaning requires hot, consistent heat.

When you wash your dishes with hot water instead of cold water, its significantly easier and more effective. In the same way, hot water is vital to getting your carpets as clean as possible. Heat is also lost over long hose runs in smaller machines.

Having machines that can put out more heat than we could ever need makes sure we can do the job right. Even with long hose runs for carpet cleaning large buildings. High heat is also vital for other tasks like tile cleaning or other hard surface cleaning. Like the dish washing example before, cleaning surfaces with hot water vs. cold water is infinitely more effective.

Third, pressure:

Many smaller residential truck mount carpet cleaning machines have a maximum sustained pressure of 1,000 PSI or less. While that may be adequate for carpet cleaning, we can deliver 50% more pressure than “the other guys”. This makes a huge difference in getting your tile and grout lines cleaned. The same applies for cleaning concrete or other hard surfaces.

Fourth, age and maintenance:

Like all heavy-duty equipment, all truck mounted carpet cleaning machines have a useful life. Estimates vary on how many hours this is and how long a company can keep their old machines limping along. At MSS Cleaning, we prefer to avoid ever getting close to the point of ineffectiveness. We replace our equipment that no longer functions at full capacity.

You want Denver’s best carpet cleaning services. Those carpet cleaning services can’t be delivered on under-powered or beat up old carpet cleaning machines. We see it all the time – “carpet cleaners” using rusted out, outdated, beat to death truck mounts and equipment. Secondarily, we see companies trying to hack it in the commercial space using small, under-powered truck mounts or portables.

Place your trust with MSS Cleaning to bring the right, modern, well maintained equipment and to be the best truck mount carpet cleaners in Denver.

Portable carpet cleaning machine

When a Portable Machine is Needed

Whenever possible, MSS Cleaning uses a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine for it’s superior carpet cleaning abilities. There are certain limited instances, however, where using a truck mount carpet cleaner is not feasible.

For the most part, portable carpet machines should only be needed for tall, multi-story buildings or other limited access scenarios. Once you get beyond the 3rd floor, pulling hoses for a truck mount starts to get difficult (though sometimes it still is possible for another floor or two).

When faced with these challenges, MSS Cleaning can still provide the best portable carpet cleaning services in Denver. We use our portable machines in carpet cleaning high rise offices, carpet cleaning condos, or carpet cleaning apartments. While not as strong as a truck mount carpet cleaner, we can still do a great job with providing the best portable, Denver carpet cleaning services.


Professionals Trust MSS Cleaning

Regardless of whether you need Denver carpet cleaning services in your home or your business. Whether you are on the first floor, or the 40th.

Irrespective of if you need carpet cleaning for have 1,000 sq. ft. of carpet in your home or you need commercial carpet cleaning for your 100,000 sq. ft. office or restaurant carpet cleaning, you can feel confident in knowing the experts at MSS Cleaning will always be your truck mount carpet cleaning Denver partner.

We’ll bring the best equipment available to clean your carpets and other spaces in the best way that it can be cleaned.

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Carpet Cleaning Vs New Carpet

Carpet cleaning vs. new carpet replacement

Carpet Cleaning vs. New Carpet

When Does it Make Sense to Clean Your Carpet or to Replace It?

Have you reached the point where your carpets look so worn and discolored you are considering replacing them? Whether you own a home or a business, there comes a point when foot traffic wears down the carpet. This leaves you with a less than beautiful interior. Deciding between replacement and cleaning can be a hard call. The decision ultimately comes down to a few determining factors as well as your personal preference. Here are a few factors to help decide if your carpet can be cleaned, or if it’s is time to replace your aged carpeting.

Is The Carpet Dirty or Worn Out?

Carpets experience physical wear over time. Dry soil acts as an abrasive that slowly tears carpet apart. This wear typically occurs more quickly on commercial carpets with lots of traffic. However, it happens in your home too. Frequent maintenance of your own carpet through vacuuming helps. Still, a vacuum does not reach all the way to the base of carpet fibers where the damage can occur. Scheduling periodic carpet cleaning will help any carpet last longer and look better. It will also help avoid early replacement.

It can be hard to determine if your carpet is dirty or if it is actually worn down. Many times, customers mistake darkened areas as dirty. Really, it may be burst carpet fibers reflecting the light differently. Sometimes, however, the wear is obvious. If you have damaged the fibers to the point there are bare spots showing, carpet cleaning won’t fix that. That spot in front of where the same recliner has sat for 15 years, for example? Replacement is probably going to be necessary to achieve a uniform appearance. If, however, the heavy traffic areas are simply discolored due to dirt and grime build-up, carpet cleaning likely will resolve this issue. If you are not sure whether your carpet is dirty or worn, call us. We will help clarify and help you set fair expectations for what carpet cleaning can do for your particular carpet.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Wear and Tear

With commercial carpets, it’s often easy to spot wear. Frequently used areas under desks or conference tables are usually the first areas to wear out. At the same time, traffic lanes wear out faster than the surrounding areas. This presents itself as wrinkles, visibly thin areas, tears, opened seams or delamination from the backing of the carpet. If you are unclear about whether commercial carpet cleaning will solve your problem, get in touch. We’d be happy to provide a free estimate for cleaning your commercial carpets. Our office carpet cleaning services are some of the best around.

What is the Age of Your Carpet?

Another major factor to consider is the age of your carpet. Is your carpet less than 10 years old? If so, you will probably benefit from scheduling a professional carpet cleaning cleaning service. If your carpet was installed back in the 1970s, it’s probably time to upgrade. While professional cleaning can help bring any carpet back to life, it can only do so much. If you have truly old carpet, cleaning it may improve the appearance, but it likely won’t provide the result you’re seeking.

If you purchased a home or business and you’re uncertain of the age of the carpet, don’t assume it needs to be replaced. A lot of modern carpet is extremely resilient. Even if it appears to be worn down, discolored, or drab, a good deep cleaning could actually revitalize it. Before you give up on older carpeting, consider scheduling a professional carpet cleaning.

What Is the Quality of the Carpet?

Another major factor when considering carpet cleaning vs. new carpet is the quality of the carpet that was installed. Carpet has a useful life. High quality carpets can last for 15-20 years, sometimes longer. Wool carpets can look great for many years, for example. We’ve cleaned durable old Olefin carpets that are 20-25 years old that clean up surprisingly well for their age. If you buy cheap polyester carpet, you shouldn’t expect much more than a 10 year useful life from that carpet. A quality carpet, however, can look great for many years.

Carpet Technology Has Changed

A lot has changed in the carpet mills over the years. New carpet is designed to be more resilient. New technology is built into each carpet fiber to help resist stains and to hold up longer. Factory applied protectants are also commonplace whereas they didn’t used to be. These changes help new carpet look better, longer.

dreamstime_xxl_1963392-1Will It Be Suffering A Lot More Wear Soon?

Do you have dogs? Are in the middle of house training a puppy? Maybe you have a few small children? Perhaps you have an office where 100 people walk over the same spot each day?

These are all factors that lead to accelerated carpet wear. Often, a professional carpet cleaning service is enough to refresh your carpets. Then you can put off replacing the carpets until a later date. We provide a whole suite of pet related carpet cleaning services such as carpet cleaning for pet odor as well.

If you are interested in scheduling a professional carpet cleaning service for your home or business, get in touch. We can help you weigh the pros and cons of replacement versus cleaning. We want to help you determine which option is the best choice for you right now.

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Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning

Is carpet cleaning safe for my pets?

Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning in Denver

If you are a pet owner, you want to make sure you use pet safe carpet cleaning. You already know the toll your furry friends can take on your carpet. Dogs and cats both cause their share of damage to your flooring. They often leave you with a home that smells less than fresh and looks dingy. One of the best solutions for ridding your home of lingering odors and unsightly pet stains and odor is to schedule a carpet cleaning.

You love your pets like they are a true member of the family. You are obviously concerned about their safety. After all, what is a clean carpet worth if the chemicals your pet is exposed to harm their health? If you need your carpet cleaned, but you are worried about what carpet cleaning solutions you are exposing your pet to, we can help. At MSS Cleaning we are dedicated to providing pet safe carpet cleaning options for pet owners. We know how much you value your four legged pals. Our goal is for you to be able to clean your carpets in a safe but effective manner. Talk to us today about scheduling carpet cleaning that is safe for everyone in your home.

Harsh Chemicals – Carpet Cleaning Safe for Pets

Dog lying on green bedsheet sleeping Worrying about harsh chemicals around your pet is an extremely valid concern. Unfortunately, many cleaning solutions contain chemicals that can be harmful to both pets and humans. These solutions don’t rinse fully from the carpet, even when used correctly. In most instances, we see people just apply the solution in abundance and never rinse it out. It is better to avoid using these products if at all possible. Dogs, cats, and small children are the most likely to be affected because they spend more time on the carpet.

A Note on Rental or Store Bought Equipment

When you use a small carpet cleaning unit, the kind you would rent at a store, the machine is not powerful enough to remove all the detergent you put down on the floor. Although, with DIY carpet cleaning machines you will see some water extracted, a lot of chemicals and water are left behind. This is what also leads to the wet carpets left behind when a company does not clean the carpets correctly.

Leaving behind all these chemicals in your carpet poses a potential health risk for your dog or cat and for any small children. Not only are chemicals left behind, you really aren’t getting a deep clean. This is extra problematic for those with dogs and cats. Your pets are often the cause of deep level stains that need extra cleaning. For example, if you are training an adorable, but accident prone puppy, you are staining your carpet beyond the top fibers. This means those puppy accidents are penetrating into the padding of your carpet. Surface cleaning will never rid your carpet of these deep stains.

The Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Difference

Hiring a professional team for carpet cleaning is the best way to ensure the safety of your pets. We use a hot water extraction cleaning process. This process is extremely effective at leaving your carpets clean while ensuring chemicals are not left behind. The major difference between using harsh over the counter chemicals and the hot water extraction cleaning process we use is found in our powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment.

We use high quality equipment, capable of high powered extraction. Our carpet cleaning machines output water that has been heated to higher temperatures than an over the counter machine can produce. This extremely high temperature is partially responsible for the amazing results we get. We use this high powered cleaning method paired with an eco friendly detergent. This allows us to clean your carpets at the deepest levels. Then, due to the high power of our equipment, we are capable of extracting the water and detergent in a highly effective manner. Instead of leaving behind a sticky or crunchy residue, your carpet is left without residue. This can also remove residue left behind from your own home carpet cleaning remedies. You’ll be left with a safe, clean, fresh smelling carpet.

When you hire our team for carpet cleaning, you can trust that we will leave you with carpets that are safe for every single member of your home. Including your furry pals. Don’t spend your time worrying about what you are exposing your dogs and cats to. Instead, hire the expert team at MSS who works to give you peace of mind. Talk to us today if you have any questions about the safety of our steam cleaning process.

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Self Carpet Cleaning vs Professional

Self carpet cleaning versus professional carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning DIY vs. Professional

If you are thinking about cleaning your carpets, you’ve probably been wondering if you should consider self carpet cleaning or if you should hire a professional. You’re probably torn between renting your own DIY carpet cleaning machine vs. hiring a professional. Before you drive to your local rental shop and lug home a Rug Doctor, let’s compare your options.

Making the Right Carpet Cleaning Choice

Our goal is to help you make the right choice for your home. We want you to have a clean, comfortable home with beautiful carpets free of unpleasant odors and stains.

Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning Machines vs. Professional Equipment

Professional carpet cleaning machine vs. DIY self carpet cleaning

A DIY carpet cleaning system may allow you to clean your carpets for a lower price point. However, be aware that you also will need to buy solution as well as rent the machine, driving up costs. Ultimately, by going the DIY route, you will sacrifice a major level of quality in the clean. Do it yourself carpet cleaners, like a Rug Doctor, that you rent from your local store to take home are alright at surface carpet cleaning. They will remove some of the dirt you can see. However, they are not good at deep cleaning your carpets. To do the job right, a truck mount carpet cleaning system is the right choice.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Machines are Weak

Self carpet cleaning machines have low water pressure and weak vacuums. Unlike professional carpet cleaning systems. This means that you will not rinse the carpet fibers thoroughly. Also, the low pressure water you do put down will not be adequately vacuumed up. This may leave you with a soggy, musty smelling carpet.

Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service is the Quality Choice

If you are looking for a high quality, deep carpet cleaning, hiring professionals is the only way to go. When you schedule professional carpet cleaning services you are cleaning not just the top of the carpet, but also the padding. Talk to us about how our truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment can rid your carpet of even the deepest grime and toughest stains.

Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning Removal of Pet Urine

DIY pet urine carpet cleaning is nearly impossible. No matter what solutions you put down or how many times you use your rug doctor, the pet urine smell is likely still going to be around. What many people don’t realize is that the urine has gone far beyond just the surface of the carpet. The padding is also saturated. We’re experts in pet urine removal and we do a lot of it. Specialized solutions and specialized equipment are typically required to remove pet urine from carpet.

Do it yourself carpet cleaning removal of pet urine is nearly impossible as this badly pet stained carpet shows
professional carpet cleaners speed dry carpets with high velocity fans, like this one

Drying Your Carpet After Cleaning

If you have ever used a Rug Doctor or similar piece of equipment, you have likely watched the dirty water as it is extracted from your carpet. Although these carpet cleaners do remove some water and dirt, they are ineffective at thoroughly drying your carpets.

When a professional team like ours cleans your carpet, we are able to extract far more water, and therefore far more dirt, from your carpets. This leaves you with drier, cleaner carpets as the end result. Beyond that, we also carpet rake and use high velocity fans to speed dry your carpets after cleaning.

This is extremely beneficial if you have furry friends. If your carpets are still wet after you have cleaned them and your four legged pals hang out on these extremely damp carpets, you will wind up with a less than pleasant odor.

Through our high powered carpet cleaning process, we are able to leave your carpets only mildly damp. With the high speed fans that we also use, your carpets will be mostly dry by the time we leave. No musty odors here!

Hot Water Provides a Better Carpet Cleaning

When you clean your carpets yourself, you are limited to the temperature of water coming out of the tap, since most machines don’t even have a water heater. Professional carpet cleaning truck mounts can heat water to the ideal temperature (near boiling) and maintain it’s temperature throughout the carpet cleaning.

Many self carpet cleaning machines or spotters don’t even have their own heaters. This makes a big difference in removing tough stains and getting rid of unfavorable odors. The extreme temperatures of hot water extraction is part of what sets it apart as the best carpet cleaning solution available. This hot water is able to penetrate your carpets fibers and rid the carpet of built-up grime, while better activating the solutions we apply to clean your carpets.

DIY Carpet Cleaning May Lead to Damage to Your Carpet

When you clean your own carpets you also run the risk of damaging your carpet. Some rental carpet cleaners are extremely harsh and can lead to faster wear and tear on your carpets than professional services. A professional carpet cleaner is dedicated to knowing exactly how to care for your specific carpet type.

Get in Touch With Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Team

If you are interested in carpet cleaning in Denver, Lakewood, or the surrounding areas, please contact our expert team. We look forward to helping you find the carpet cleaning solutions you seek.

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