Guide To Combatting Pet Odors In The Home

Owning pets can bring joy and happiness to your home. However, owning pets can also mean your home has less than desirable odors that seem to linger. If you have tried burning candles, spraying odor killers in the air, and still cannot seem to rid your home of that pesky pet odor, check out our guide to combating pet odors in the home. Contact us for help restoring your carpets to an odor free state with our carpet cleaning in Evergreen, Lakewood, Arvada, and surrounding locations. We look forward to helping you keep your home smelling fresh.

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Create A Regular Cleaning Schedule

If you own pets, you need to clean more often than in a home where no pets are present. Even if your furry pals are house-trained and fairly clean, they will invariably shed fur, dander, and dirt. Overtime this can build up in your home and contribute to a less than fresh smell. Be sure to vacuum frequently and dust your home at least once a week. If you have a particularly furry friend, consider a quick clean of the house every single day. If you have a non-carpeted floor, don’t forget to sweep it frequently as pet dander and fur can accumulate on hard surfaces.

Swap Out Air Filters

When was the last time you changed all the air filters on your HVAC system? One of the ways pet odor can linger in your home is in your HVAC system. Overtime, fur and dander will clog your air filters. Not only will this lead to a less than pleasant smelling home, it will also cause your HVAC system to run inefficiently. Change your HVAC’s air filters at least every other month. If you have a pet that is prone to excessive shedding, you may want to change your filters once a month.

Groom Your Furry Pals

One of the best ways to cut down on pet odors in your home is to keep your pets well groomed. Even if your pet is not an excessive shedder, they need frequent baths and grooming in order to keep your home smelling clean. You can even use dry shampoos in between baths to cut down on odor. If you have dogs who enjoy playing at the dog park, be sure to wipe off any slobber from other dogs on their fur right away.

Schedule Frequent Carpet Cleaning

Most homeowners can get away with scheduling steam cleaning for their home once a year. However, if you own pets, you should consider having your carpets steam cleaned more frequently. Even when you keep your furry pals clean and keep up with day to day cleaning, your home can retain a pet odor. Talk to one of our technicians about the best carpet cleaning schedule for your home. Steam cleaning can effectively rid your carpet of lingering pet odors. Professional carpet cleaning is particularly effective for homes where Fido might still be learning the ropes of house training. Whether you have pet stains on your carpet or just a lingering odor, we can help you combat it through steam cleaning. The high temperature of the water we employ and the powerful extraction process will leave your carpets clean, soft, and smelling fresh once again. Reach out today to learn more about carpet cleaning in Evergreen, Lakewood, Arvada, and surrounding locations.

Spring Cleaning Guide

With winter finally winding down, many of us start to awaken from hibernation and get to work putting things in order for the warmer days ahead. Traditionally spring time has been used as a prime time to clean out the house and freshen up living spaces. With the warmer temperatures, it is an ideal time to clean. You can throw open the windows, let out the stale winter air, and prevent yourself from breathing in too many cleaning fumes. If you want to make your home look extra nice this spring, read on for some of our spring cleaning tips. Remember, one of the best ways to rid your home of pesky dirt build-up and unsightly stains is to schedule carpeting cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning company serves Evergreen, Arvada, Lakewood and surrounding locations.

Start By Decluttering

Before you pull out the household cleaners and get to work tackling the dirt and grime your home has accumulated, clear away the clutter. It is easy to wind up owning an excessive amount of stuff, especially after the busy holiday gift-giving season. However, minimizing what you own will not only free up space in your home, it will make the cleaning process simpler.

Start with your kitchen. Do you need every gadget on the counter? How often do you really use the hotdog roaster? If you have accumulated more than you need, get rid of some extra gadgets. Donate them to a local thrift store or ask around to see if you have friends who are in need of your unused kitchen gadgets.

Move on to your shared living spaces. Are there items laying around that haven’t been touched in months? Do your kids have toys littering the room that are no longer played with? Ask every family member to pick a few items to donate.

Finally, tackle your bedroom. Hit up your closet and take a look at your wardrobe. Have you been hanging on to old clothing you never use? Is there a sweater you didn’t touch the entire winter season. Why hang on to it for another year?

Room By Room

After you have decluttered your home, you will find it is much easier to get down to the actual cleaning. Start with one room at a time and thoroughly clean everything in that room. You can even tackle one room each weekend to break up the workload. Start with a thorough dusting and then move on to cleaning the walls, windows, and floors. When you are cleaning, we recommend you use as many safe and environmentally-friendly products as possible. Open up the windows if the weather permits to prevent yourself from breathing in any toxic chemicals.

For tile and hardwood floors, start with a thorough sweeping. Then scrub the flooring with an appropriate cleaner. Once the floor has dried, sweep again. Repeat the process as many times as necessary to fully remove built up grime.

For carpeted flooring begin with a detailed vacuuming. We recommend you schedule carpet cleaning services to rid your carpets of any build up from the winter months. This can greatly reduce the amount of allergens in your home’s air and can give your home a fresh, clean look for the spring.

Implement A Plan

Spring cleaning is a wonderful time to put your house back in order. However, instead of just accepting that within a few months it will be looking like a wreck yet again, implement a new plan for keeping the home clean. If you live with other family members, get them on board for helping you prevent the home from looking like a total mess within weeks.

The following are some simple tasks you can implement in your home to keep things from getting out of hand again:

  • No Shoes Policy: Start making everyone take their shoes off at the door. Wearing shoes in your home will not only drag dirt and anything you stepped in throughout the day into your home, it will also wear down your carpeting much quicker. Purchase some comfy house shoes if you prefer to have something on your feet.
  • The 15 Minute Rule: Each day, have every member of the home dedicate a full 15 minutes to cleaning. You might be surprised how much work can get done if you consistently clean for 15 minutes every single day of the week. This 15 minutes can be used to tidy up your bedroom, dust off electronics, or put away loose articles of clothing from around the house.
  • Groom Your Pets: Do you have furry friends living with you? While some shedding is inevitable, you will face a lot less furballs around the home if you keep your pets groomed. Take Fido outside every evening for a quick brush down.
  • Organize: As you accomplish your spring cleaning, create organization for items that are important and used frequently. Instead of leaving everything lying around with no real home, organize your belongings so there is always a designated place for things to go. For example, do your remotes seem to disappear daily? Designate a remote control holder and get into the habit of putting them away after every use.

Ready to get your home clean this spring? Talk to us about carpet cleaning in Evergreen.

Fast Tips for Reducing Winter Indoor Allergens

Although we often associate allergies with the blossoming of spring, winter can be a brutal season for people suffering from allergies. The allergens that are likely to bother your nose during the winter are those found right inside your home. By shutting up all your windows and hunkering down for the cold months, you increase the odds of allergens being present in your home’s air. If you want to cut down on these indoor allergens, read on for some fast tips!

Start With Your Air Filter

The first thing to do when looking to reduce your home’s allergens is to replace your air filters. If you are running a furnace during the winter months, change the filter at the beginning of the season. Did you forget to change your filter this fall? There is no time like the present. Air filters are a fast, inexpensive fix that will not only lower the amount of allergens floating around your home, but will also help your furnace run more efficiently.

Groom Fido

Do you have pets in your home? While you may not be allergic enough to consider living without furry friends, dander and fur can aggravate anyone’s allergies, especially during the winter months. Keep your pets well groomed. Give them frequent baths and try to de-shed them with a thorough brushing as often as possible. Not only will you breathe easier, but your pets will look ready to win a blue ribbon. Don’t have enough time on your hands to groom them? Take them for a quick trip to your local groomer. Your nose will thank you.

Deep Clean Your Home

Don’t put off spring cleaning for the warmer months, start deep cleaning your home now. It is extremely important to clean your home frequently during the winter months to cut down on allergens. Vacuum more often than you normally would, sweep hardwood floors daily, and dust like your life depends on it. These simple, quick tasks can help you cut down greatly on allergens in your home. This is particularly necessary if you live with pets or you own a lot of indoor plants.

Schedule Carpet Cleaning

One of the best ways to cut down on allergens in your home this winter is to schedule a carpet shampoo. Unfortunately, even with frequent vacuuming, carpet is notorious for trapping all kinds of allergens. From pet dander to bad odors to dirt and grime, carpet has a way of hanging on to every particle that lands upon it. Over time these particles are ground further into the padding of the carpet and simple cleaning tricks won’t remove them. Carpet steam cleaning will effectively remove these allergens, leaving you with carpet that both looks and smells new. If you have been suffering from indoor allergies, talk to us about scheduling a full home clean. We can help you fight indoor allergens this winter by keeping your home’s air clean and fresh.

Check out our carpet cleaning services in Evergreen here. We are equipped to help you clean even the toughest built up grime from your home’s carpeting. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Carpet Cleaning Vs Replacement


Have you reached the point where your carpets look so worn and discolored you are considering replacement? Whether you own a home or a business, there comes a point when foot traffic wears down the carpet and leaves you with a less than beautiful interior. Deciding between replacement and cleaning can be a hard call. The decision ultimately comes down to a few determining factors and your personal preference. Read on below to learn more about if carpet cleaning in Evergreen is the right solution for you, or if it is time to replace your aged carpeting.

Is It Slightly Old, Or Is It Ancient?

The first major factor to consider is the age of your carpet. Is your carpet less than 10 years old? If so, you will probably benefit from scheduling a professional cleaning service. If, however, you are staring at carpet that was installed back in the 1970s, it might be time to upgrade. While professional cleaning can help bring carpet back to life, it can only do so much. If you have truly old carpet, cleaning it may improve the appearance, but it might not give you the end result you want.

However, if you purchased a home or business with existing carpet and you are uncertain of the age of the carpet, don’t assume it needs to be replaced. A lot of modern carpet is extremely resilient, especially if the carpet is made of nylon. This means that even if it appears to be worn down, discolored, and generally drab, a good deep cleaning could actually revitalize it. Before you give up on older carpeting, consider scheduling a professional steam cleaning.

Is It Dirty, Or Is It Worn Down?

If you have carpet in an area that undergoes a heavy amount of traffic, it can be hard to determine if your carpet is extremely dirty or if it is actually worn down. If you have damaged the fibers to the point there are bare spots showing, replacement is probably necessary. If, however, the heavy traffic areas are simply discolored due to dirt and grime build-up, consider trying a deep steam cleaning for your carpet. If you are not sure whether your carpet is dirty or worn, ask one of our technicians to take a look for you. We will help you have fair expectations for what carpet cleaning can do for your particular carpet.

dreamstime_xxl_1963392-1Will It Be Suffering A Lot More Wear Soon?

If you are in the middle of house training a puppy, or you have a few small children underfoot, replacing your carpet right now might not be a wise investment. Oftentimes a professional carpet cleaning service is enough to refresh your home until a later date when you want to consider replacement. If you know you have little ones who might be spilling paint on your carpets, or young dogs that might take some more time to understand the concept of outside versus inside, start with cleaning the carpet you have.

If you are interested in scheduling a professional carpet cleaning service for your home or business, contact our technicians. We can help you weigh the pros and cons of replacement versus cleaning, and we can help you determine which option is the best choice for you right now.