Carpet Cleaning and Stretching Denver

Carpet cleaning and stretching in Denver, CO

Carpet Cleaning and Stretching in Denver

Get your carpets stretched and cleaned in the same day!

Here’s the problem – Your carpet needs to be stretched and cleaned. You’d prefer to not have to hire two companies, but you want the job done right. Fortunately, at MSS Cleaning, we provide both expert carpet cleaning services as well as top-notch carpet stretching and repair services. Save yourself the hassle and hire MSS to solve your carpet cleaning and stretching needs. We service the Greater Denver Area, reaching from Castle Rock all the way to Boulder.

MSS Cleaning did a thorough job cleaning and stretching my carpets. They went out of their way to ensure that I was happy. I highly recommend MSS Cleaning!

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Stretch and Clean Carpets in the Same Appointment

For most jobs, we can both stretch and clean your carpets in the same appointment, on the same day. First we want to stretch the carpet and perform any repairs. Next, we’ll clean the carpets using our industry leading MSS Clean carpet cleaning process. The result? Clean carpets that are free of wrinkles or damage, all in one day. No need to book two appointments, no need to work with two different companies.

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Carpet Stretching

There are two primary causes for wrinkled or bunched up carpet

The carpet was installed incorrectly

It takes a little longer to install carpet correctly, using a power stretcher. Because of this, some companies don’t follow the right carpet stretching process. The use what is called a knee kicker to do the whole job. A knee kicker is supposed to assist with placing the carpet onto tack strips. It can also be used in small rooms or closets where there isn’t a lot of stretching needed. A power stretcher really should be used in anything but the smallest rooms.

When a power stretcher isn’t used, the carpet is not fully taut. Pretty quickly, wrinkles and buckling start to appear. Lately we’ve been seeing this with homes built only a year or so ago, or when someone gets “carpet installed for free when you spend $699” type offers.

The carpet is old and has stretched out over time

Over time, the latex backing in carpet begins to relax. When this happens, the carpet starts to bunch and buckle. Really old carpet may not be worth stretching and may instead be a candidate for replacement. Most wrinkled carpet, however, can benefit from stretching and live out the rest of it’s useful life happy and wrinkle free. If you are on the fence about whether to replace your wrinkled carpet or to re-stretch it, we’re happy to have a look at or talk to you about it and let you know what we think.

Carpet Cleaning

After we’ve stretched and/or repaired your carpet, it’s time for cleaning. You want to stretch and then clean the carpet. In almost every situation, it makes more sense to stretch the carpet prior to cleaning it. This is because the heat and water used in carpet cleaning can relax the backing of the carpet. If the carpet is stretched while wet, when it dries, the backing and contract. When this happens, the carpet can pull off of the tack strips holding it in place. It also can pull at any seams in the carpet, potentially splitting them.

So, once the carpet has been reinstalled, it’s ready to be cleaned almost immediately. We use a top of the line, Kool Glide machine instead of the older hot glue seam method. This allows carpet seams and repairs to be ready to clean and to go back into service almost immediately.

Read more about our MSS Clean carpet cleaning process.


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Professional Quality Carpet Cleaning and Stretching Denver Services

When hiring for either a carpet cleaning or carpet stretching services, there are a number of potential pitfalls. Bad cleaning or stretching jobs are both obvious for different reasons. With carpet stretching or repairs, you are left with visible seams, corners that don’t line up, obvious lines where carpet repairs were made etc. With carpet cleaning, traffic lanes are still visible, spots were not treated or lifted and the carpet still looks and/or smells dirty.

The Right Experience

To avoid these issues, the first thing to look for is experience. When you hire any service company, you want to make sure they know what they are doing. Our technicians have many years of experience both in carpet cleaning and in carpet stretching or repairs. We’ve stretched and cleaned carpets for everything from one room in a small home, to 8-10 areas on high end carpet in multi-million dollar homes in Cherry Hills and Castle Pines. We have IICRC certified technicians in both carpet cleaning and carpet repair with years of experience. This gives us the confidence, and certainly the ability to do incredible work, regardless of the size or scope of your project.


The Best Equipment

Ever have someone you hired show up in a 30 year old rusted out van and unload a bunch of equipment that looks to be about as old? In our line of work, we see this all the time. Old, worn out equipment that can no longer perform it’s function adequately. That’s definitely not the case when you hire MSS.

We use only top of the line equipment that’s at most a few years old. We use state of the art, top of the line carpet cleaning and carpet stretching equipment. This ensures your job is done right, the first time.

Carpet cleaning van with carpet cleaning equipment and carpet stretching equipment loaded aboard.

The Bottom Line

Whether you need carpet stretching in Littleton, carpet cleaning in Castle Pines, or carpet repair and stretching in Denver, we’ve got you covered. With the right technicians the right equipment and the best customer service in town. Give us a call or book an appointment online. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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10 Helpful Carpet Cleaning Tips When Moving In or Out

Moving presents a rare opportunity to fully clean a living space without furniture being in the way. Whether you need a move out carpet cleaning or a move in carpet cleaning, scheduling a home carpet cleaning is the best move.

10 Helpful Tips for Move Out Carpet Cleaning and Move in Carpet Cleaning

1.) Hire a Certified Carpet Cleaner: 

Hire an IICRC Certified firm that uses modern, truck mounted equipment for your move out carpet cleaning. This will help ensure you hire a reputable company that knows what they are doing. These firms should also have the equipment to do the job well. Check the status of any firm here:iicrc certified carpet cleaning company seal

2.) Ask for Hot Water Extraction:

While there are many ways to clean carpet, hot water extraction (AKA Steam Cleaning) is regarded as the most thorough method and provides a deep, restorative carpet cleaning. Whether you are moving out, or you want move in carpet cleaning prior to taking occupancy, you want hot water extraction for a thorough, deep clean.

3.) Schedule your Carpet Cleaning Properly to Coincide with the Movers:

If you are moving out, schedule your move out carpet cleaning once the movers have finished their work. If you are moving in, schedule your move in carpet cleaning for the day before the move. This will ensure the carpets are fully dry by the time to movers arrive to bring in your furniture. Cleaning carpets in empty rooms is easier and more thorough than trying to clean around furniture. Whether you need Denver carpet cleaning or cleaning elsewhere, get it scheduled properly.

4.) Dealing With Carpet Pet Stains and Odor When Moving:

If you have carpet pet stains or odors that you can’t pinpoint, the last thing you want to do is put furniture on top of them. Pets often mark areas along walls. You don’t want to move a couch or a dresser on top of that odor and then always wonder where the smell is coming from. Odors become far more intense in warm months, so you won’t realize there are pet odors until it gets hot outside. A professional carpet cleaner will have many tools at his/her disposal to diagnose pet issues (such as a black light and well-trained eye) as well as to treat them. Treatment can be as basic as a topical enzyme treatment or as severe as needing to treat the subfloor and replace the carpet pad. All of this is easier (and less costly) without furniture being in the way. Carpet cleaning when moving is a great time to tackle pet stains and odor.Pet stained carpet is best cleaned during move in carpet cleaning or move out carpet cleaning when there isn't any furniture on it

5.) The Carpet Has a Wrinkle That Needs to be Stretched or a Repair to be Done:

Over time, carpets can develop wrinkles or bubbles in them as the carpet ages, or due to poor installation. This can usually be fixed by stretching the carpet. You can’t do a good job of stretching carpet when it has furniture weighing it down. The room needs to be empty to do the job right. When are you otherwise going to have the opportunity to have a completely empty room but when you are moving in or moving out and rooms are empty?

repair damaged carpet during move in carpet cleaning

6.) The Furniture Left Impressions On the Carpet: 

We’ve all seen it; once all of the furniture is moved out of a space, there are little depressions everywhere. Table legs, chairs, dressers, beds etc. leave impressions on the carpet. Hot water extraction often removes or lessens these depressions. Another great trick that often helps is to leave an ice cube in each depression. As the ice melts, it can help pop the depressions back up.

7.) You’re Moving Out and the Carpet Traffic Lanes are Trashed:

Once all that furniture is out of the way, dark, dirty traffic lanes can become really obvious. Look for a company that has a counter rotating brush machine or a rotary extractor. While a standard carpet wand in the right hands can do a great job, these heavy duty machines really help go the extra mile to bring a carpet back to life when restorative work is needed.

move out carpet cleaning traffic lanes

8.) Apply Carpet Protection After Move In Carpet Cleaning:

While the home is empty without any furniture, it’s the best time to apply carpet protection. Applying Scotchgard, Teflon, Maxim or other quality protectants will keep your carpets clean and looking great. Following a move in carpet cleaning is a great time to apply protectan, while the carpet is still damp and there is nothing on the carpet. When you inevitably spill that soda or glass of red wine, clean up will be easier and the carpet will be far less likely to have any permanent stain.

9.) Choose the Right Vacuum and Use it Regularly:

For ongoing Maintenance, get a quality vacuum cleaner with an electronically driven brush (also referred to as a beater bar). This is especially vital for homeowners with pets. Adjust the vacuum so that it doesn’t grab or pull on the carpet, but still makes contact with the carpet fibers.

10.) Schedule Periodic Carpet Cleaning:

For most households, getting an annual carpet cleaning is adequate to keep your carpets looking great and to extend the life of the carpet. Most carpet manufacturers require a carpet cleaning every 12-18 months in order to uphold a warranty as well. After we’ve done your initial move in carpet cleaning, it’s time to set up a periodic scheduled carpet cleaning for the future.

Follow these move in carpet cleaning and move out carpet cleaning tips to get your carpets looking great and help keep them that way!

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