Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Denver

Dry carpet cleaning versus hot water extraction carpet cleaning in denver

Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning in Denver

Recently we’ve heard a lot of marketing hype about dry carpet cleaning vs. hot water extraction and how dry carpet cleaning has faster dry times. It’s true, “dry” carpet cleaning actually leads to faster dry times.

Does it lead to a superior carpet cleaning? Unfortunately not. Have a look at the photo above.

This was a recent job we did where there were grease spots and heavy soiling on the carpet. Using our trusty Brush Pro machine (the finest counter rotating brush machine available), we used encapsulation to dry clean the carpets. This is the same process used by a lot of the “dry cleaning” companies, only our brush machine is nicer than theirs is.

After we dry cleaned the carpets, we did a follow up cleaning with hot water extraction (steam cleaning) to see what kind of improvement we could create. I think the images speak for themselves.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Dry Times

So, the marketing hype around dry carpet cleaning will tell you that your carpets dry within 30 minutes. The question we have to ask is “who cares!?”.

Don’t you care more about getting your carpets to be actually clean? To do a better job removing spots and stains? Are we crazy for thinking that it’s more important to actually clean your carpets than it is to be able to lie on them a half hour after cleaning?

Are we alone in that we don’t have this vision that as soon as the carpets get cleaned, we should immediately lie down and roll around on them? Nobody does this!  We are a carpet cleaning company and chances are we’re probably more passionate about clean carpets than you are.

Even so, we’d be willing to bet that you’ve spent less than .01% of your life lying on carpets. Though the marketing images you see probably dictate otherwise, you probably don’t spend much time lying on your carpet.

We also are willing to bet you’re probably alright with waiting 2-4 hours to satiate that unquenchable urge to do some carpet lying. Right?

Walking on Carpets After Carpet Steam Cleaning

But wait, what about walking on the carpets after they are cleaned? Isn’t that going to be a problem? No! Walk around in clean sneakers, a pair of house slippers, bare feet, or whatever seems to work for you.

What about all those toxic chemicals carpet cleaners use!? We don’t know what the “other guys” are using, but our solutions are kid and pet friendly, non-toxic, and certainly fine for your feet.

Lions and Tigers and MOLD! Oh My!

Don’t let them scare you. Hot water extraction, done properly, isn’t going to result in mold, mildew, or anything of the sort. The only time this could be a risk if you hire someone who has no idea what they are doing. If you flood anything with water and you don’t suck it back up, you’re going to have problems.

However, if the machine is set properly and the operator knows what he/she is doing, applying hot water and solution and extracting it will provide both the best carpet cleaning available and it will be done safely.

At MSS Cleaning, we are an IICRC certified firm with IICRC certified technicians. We do over 1,000 jobs a year, and we’ve never once had a single mention of mold, mildew, or anything of the sort after we clean carpets in a home or business. More marketing scare tactics.

The Bottom Line on Carpet Cleaning Services

Dry carpet cleaning is an inferior service that was originally designed as a carpet maintenance solution for commercial areas. Over time, dry carpet cleaning has become a hot new marketing buzz word and scare tactic.

If you want your home or business carpet’s cleaned the best way possible, that way is going to be hot water extraction. At MSS Cleaning, we provide the best carpet cleaning in Denver, plain and simple.

We don’t need marketing gimmicks to sell our services, we instead prefer to let our services speak for themselves.

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Why Your Office Needs Carpet Cleaning Services

When it comes to running a business, you need to keep costs as low as possible to still turn a profit. However, there are some tasks you should never neglect, and commercial carpet cleaning is one of them. We provide professional carpet cleaning in Denver, and surrounding areas for businesses and offices.

Check out these top reasons why your office needs carpet cleaning and the great benefits you will gain when you schedule carpet cleaning with our team.

1. Keeping Up Appearances

If your workplace looks dingy, dirty, and neglected, you will wind up portraying that attitude to your employees. People spend a large portion of their life at their jobs, so it is no wonder that they want to work in a place that reflects a thriving company culture.

When your carpets are dirty and stained, your employees can wind up feeling like you don’t care about the place, and worse, them.

Boost company morale by having your carpets periodically cleaned. Schedule professional commercial carpet cleaning services during hours that won’t interrupt work, but will leave your employees feeling their workplace is valued.

2. Lowering Allergens

No one wants to go to work and spend the entire day sneezing and coughing. However, when you neglect carpet cleaning in your office, you can wind up building up allergens in the office. This can lead to your employees being uncomfortable, having asthma flare ups, and becoming ill more frequently.

Although vacuuming can help cut down on this issue, vacuuming alone will not get rid of the deeply embedded dirt and allergens. The good news is that carpet cleaning will remove hard to reach allergens, germs, and viruses from your carpets fibers. This will leave your office smelling great and your employees breathing easy.

3. Protecting Your Investment

While you may contemplate putting off professional carpet cleaning due to the cost, the reality is you could cost yourself more money down the road by doing so.

When your carpets are dirty and grime builds up in the fibers, you can cause irreversible damage to the fibers. This means you will have to invest in brand new carpeting, which is far more expensive than simply keeping up with cleaning services.

How often should you clean your business’ carpets? This will depend a lot on how much foot traffic you have, what kind of foot traffic, and the type of business you are operating. Talk to our team about the frequency with which you should have your office carpet cleaned.

If you want to improve the look of your business, protect your carpeting, and keep your employees happy and healthy, talk to us about scheduling professional carpet cleaning services. We can work around your business’ operational hours to ensure your office can continue to function smoothly.

Our team is comprised of extremely professional technicians who are equipped to handle office spaces of all sizes. Contact us today for an estimate and schedule your carpet cleaning in Denver and the surrounding areas.

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School Carpet Cleaning in Denver CO

When you need school carpet cleaning, call MSS Cleaning. We clean carpets, tile and grout and upholstery for schools in Aurora, Denver, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch and beyond. From pre-school to college, and everywhere in between, MSS Cleaning is happy to be your preferred school carpet cleaner and to help keep your educational facility looking it’s best.

School Carpet Cleaning

It goes without saying that your school sees a lot of foot traffic, food spills, and other messes. Dirt gets tracked in from outside, coffee gets spilled, and snacks make a mess. Because of all of these issues, you have enough of a hassle trying to manage the facilities. It’s time to bring in the professionals to help out.

Carpet Cleaning at Different Educational Facilities

We know that every school is a bit different and it has its own unique needs. A preschool requires us to move furniture, clean area rugs and dodge lots of obstacles. Colleges often have upholstery cleaning needs – office chairs, auditorium seating, and more to go with large areas of commercial carpet. Normally tiled entryways and bathrooms are common, too. No matter your needs, we have you covered. We help schools with:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Water emergency clean ups

Special Considerations for Carpet Cleaning Preschool and Elementary Schools

Head Lice are an unfortunate reality in schools with children. Carpet cleaning for head lice isn’t considered necessary by the CDC (they recommend vacuuming carpeted areas and avoiding contact for a minimum of 1-2 days). In preschools, however, children often spend time on the floor. Carpet cleaning affords extra peace of mind for many of our customers. If your carpets haven’t been cleaned in a while anyway, a lice outbreak offers another good reason to get them cleaned now. If you have concerns about head lice carpet cleaning, we can help.

Safety is another important element for services at your school. In an environment where children are often using the carpeted floor space, you want assurances that the solutions being put on the carpet are safe and non-toxic. With MSS Cleaning, they are.

Powerful Carpet Cleaning Methods for Schools

Part of the benefit we offer is in the equipment and methods that we use. We bring high powered, truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment with the ability to clean areas as far away as 600 feet. This is something that not many of our competitors can do. Because of our added reach and equipment performance, we can clean massive buildings, even those with multiple floors. We can also put our truck in a place that’s out of your way. MSS Cleaning uses state of the art, IICRC Gold rated equipment and the best accessories available. In addition, we use well tested pre-sprays and rinses that are not only safe and non-toxic, but also extremely efficient and effective at cleaning carpets and removing tough spots.

School Upholstery Cleaning

Your school has upholstery. Lots of upholstery. That’s not a problem. We can effectively clean all sorts of upholstery and area rugs. From cleaning the sofa in the college lounge, to desk chairs and everything in between, we can help. Does your school have area rugs that need cleaning as well? We can help with that too. MSS Cleaning uses state of the art tools and equipment to clean upholstery without overwetting fabrics, which can lead to discoloration or wrinkling.

Tile and Grout Cleaning for Schools

Your whole school likely isn’t carpeted. Many times, we clean tile and grout at a school as well as the cleaning the carpets and upholstery. Your school likely has tile in the entryways, bathrooms, kitchen or hallways. We’ve got you covered. Using the same truck mounted equipment that we use to clean carpets, we can get your school tile and grout cleaned and looking great. Need to have it sealed as well? We help with that too.

Carpet Repairs for Schools

As we’ve already established, the carpets at your school see a lot of wear and tear. From ripped seams, to carpet tears, to areas requiring a carpet patch, we can help. We repair a lot of commercial and residential carpet and can solve almost any problem you may throw at us. Because of this, offices, restaurants and other commercial spaces trust us with their carpet repairs.

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Doctor and Dentist Office Carpet Cleaning Denver

As a doctor or dentist, you know that the appearance of your medical facilities is important. An important of helping to keep that appearance looking it’s best is medical facility carpet cleaning. At MSS Cleaning, we provide our dentist office carpet cleaning services and doctors office carpet cleaning throughout Lakewood, Aurora, Golden and across the entire Greater Denver Area.

Building with dentist office carpet cleaning

Flexible Medical Facility Carpet Cleaning Scheduling

We understand. You barely have enough hours in the day to see your patients and manage your business. The last thing you want to have to deal with is your carpet cleaning company. You simply want your medical facility’s carpets cleaned with the least amount of hassle, and you want it done right. In this regard (well, in all regards, really), MSS Cleaning aims to please. We can provide carpet cleaning in your dentist office or doctor’s office to fit around your schedule. Are your medical offices closed on Saturday or Sunday? Perfect, we work then. Weeknights? We work then too. We have commercial carpet cleaning crews able to work most any time you need us.

Impressing your Customers with our Doctors and Dentist Office Carpet Cleaning Services

When your customers walk into your facility and look down, they don’t want to see stained or dirty carpets. They also don’t want to see stains on upholstery or dirty tile. Your customers are visiting your facility either to have a procedure done, or to receive expert advice. The last thing you want to have on their minds is the lack of cleanliness in your facility. Let MSS Cleaning do what we’re best at, so you can focus on what you’re best at, without being concerned about how your patients feel about the cleanliness of your medical office.

Dentists chair

Doctor or Dentist Office Carpet Cleaning Process

You have fragile and expensive equipment. It’s no secret that your medical equipment often costs a small fortune. The last thing you need is to deal with a carpet cleaner in your medical facility banging into your things, or dealing with an uninsured or under insured company if something were to happen. Between our professionalism and way we care for your facilities, and the professional way we conduct business, we’re appropriated insured, and you’re well protected.

Quality Medical Facility Carpet Cleaning Work

To add to this, you don’t want to show up the day after we clean your carpets to find that the carpets are still wet or that there is a powerful perfumed odor still lingering from the carpet cleaning. With our top of the line equipment and best-in-class solutions, there won’t be any foul odors or strong perfumed scents. Furthermore, our products are non-toxic and kid and family safe. MSS Cleaning is your medical facility carpet cleaning partner!

In Summary

When it comes to cleaning the carpets in your dental office or medical practice, call MSS Cleaning. We’re your professional doctor’s office and dentist office carpet cleaners.

How Often Should I Schedule Carpet Cleaning For My Business?

How Often Should I clean My Commercial Carpets?

With the constant hustle and bustle of your business, your carpets invariably become laden with grime and dirt. The question for many business owners is not should they have their carpets cleaned, but rather how often should they have their carpets cleaned.

As a local Denver commercial carpet cleaning company, we have years of experience aiding businesses in ensuring their floors are clean and presentable. The frequency with which you should clean your commercial carpets is dependent upon a few factors. Read on to learn more about determining a proper carpet cleaning schedule for your business.

Take Into Account The Type Of Business

One of the factors that will determine how often you should be cleaning your carpets is the type of business you are operating. The following are guidelines to consider based on the type of company you operate to help you determine an appropriate carpet cleaning schedule:

  • Office Buildings: Many offices feature durable, neutrally colored carpets. The carpet is usually designed to show as little dirt and wear as possible. However, just because you do not see the dirt accumulation does not mean it isn’t taking place. Schedule professional office carpet cleaning at least once a year for small offices with few occupants, like a Dentist office. Offices with more than 50 people should be cleaned at least twice a year. Those with over 100 or 200 people should look to quarterly carpet cleaning. You can increase this frequency, or add in periodic traffic lane cleanings if you operate a business with a high level of foot traffic.
  • Restaurants: If you have carpeting in your dining area, you need to schedule frequent restaurant carpet cleaning. Food and drinks can stain carpet, and the longer you leave these substances to set the harder the stain removal process will be. Clean the carpet every day with a vacuum and shoot for a monthly professional carpet cleaning. The buildup of food particles can not only leave unsightly stains, it can lead to unsavory odors, which will not be conducive to pleasant dining.
  • Child Care Facilities: Many daycares and schools feature brightly colored, soft carpets. These carpets should be cleaned with a high level of frequency. We recommend setting up a quarterly carpet cleaning schedule.
    • Child care facilities are prone to harboring a large number of germs and bacteria. In order to protect the children and provide a clean space to play, frequent school carpet cleaning is needed.

Factor Foot Traffic

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for creating a carpet cleaning schedule. One major factor that will determine how often your carpets need to be cleaned relates to the amount of foot traffic your space sees.

For example, it might not be necessary to clean your entire building’s carpet every month, but certain areas might need the extra TLC. Entryways and hallways are particularly susceptible to the aggregation of dirt and debris. You can create two different schedules for your high traffic areas and your low traffic areas.

Consult With The Pros

If you are not certain how frequently you need to have your commercial carpets cleaned, feel free to reach out to our team. We will be happy to come by and provide a quote as well as a customized plan with our recommendations.  Reach out today to schedule carpet cleaning in Denver or the surrounding area.

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Top Benefits Of Having Your Commercial Carpets Cleaned

At MSS Cleaning, we not only help homeowners keep their carpets in excellent condition, we also help business owners keep their commercial carpets clean and inviting. You may not pay much attention to the carpet in your commercial space, but your carpeting suffers the brunt of foot traffic on a day-to-day basis.

Carpet cleaning is an excellent way to keep your carpet looking fresh while avoiding damage to the carpets. Read on to learn more about the many benefits your business will attain through professional carpet cleaning services. Reach out to our team to schedule commercial carpet cleaning in Denver,  or the surrounding locations.

Improve The Appeal Of Your Business

One of the first, and potentially most obvious, benefits of cleaning your commercial carpets is the improvement of the appearance of your business. When potential clients enter your building, their first impression will be created. A dingy, stained carpet will not portray a professional appearance, and could be off-putting.

Afterall, if you do not take good care of your business, why will clients assume you will take good care of them? Unsightly carpets can also give clients the impression that your business is outdated and that your ideas are as faded as the carpet beneath their feet.

Not only will you improve the visual appeal of your business space through office carpet cleaning you will also rid your business of any unwelcome odors. Overtime, carpet can trap undesirable odors, leaving your office or building with a musty, foul smell. At MSS Cleaning, we use high powered extraction methods that ensure your carpet is not left with unwanted residue post cleaning.

The extraction process is one of the most important components of professional cleaning. Leftover residue can actually cause your carpets to become dirty again faster and can lead to worsened odors. We make certain no residue is left behind after we steam clean.

Increase The Longevity Of Your Carpet

Professional carpet cleaning not only freshens its appearance and leaves the space smelling pleasant once again, it also helps increase the longevity of your carpet. Grime buildup can lead to damage to your carpet. This damage is due to the abrasive nature of dirt. The longer the dirt remains in your carpet, the more it will wear down the fibers.

To prevent this slow destruction of your carpet, schedule regular steam cleaning services. When you steam clean your carpets, you will extract even hard to reach grime that vacuuming alone will not remove. It is much more affordable to upkeep your carpet than to pay for complete replacement.

Implement Better Health For Employees

Dirt and grime accumulate in your carpeting over time. This can all contribute to illness in your employees. Frequently steam cleaning your business’ carpets can lead to improved indoor air quality and employee health.

If you are interested in commercial carpet cleaning services in Denver or the surrounding area, reach out to our expert team. We have the latest equipment and industry knowledge, which allows us to provide you with consistent levels of high-quality work. See the difference that MSS Cleaning can make for your business today through high powered commercial carpet cleaning services.