School Carpet Cleaning in Denver CO

When you need school carpet cleaning, call MSS Cleaning. We clean carpets, tile and grout and upholstery for schools in Aurora, Denver, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch and beyond. From pre-school to college, and everywhere in between, MSS Cleaning is happy to be your preferred school carpet cleaner and to help keep your educational facility looking it’s best.

School Carpet Cleaning

It goes without saying that your school sees a lot of foot traffic, food spills, and other messes. Dirt gets tracked in from outside, coffee gets spilled, and snacks make a mess. Because of all of these issues, you have enough of a hassle trying to manage the facilities. It’s time to bring in the professionals to help out.

Carpet Cleaning at Different Educational Facilities

We know that every school is a bit different and it has its own unique needs. A preschool requires us to move furniture, clean area rugs and dodge lots of obstacles. Colleges often have upholstery cleaning needs – office chairs, auditorium seating, and more to go with large areas of commercial carpet. Normally tiled entryways and bathrooms are common, too. No matter your needs, we have you covered. We help schools with:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Water emergency clean ups

Special Considerations for Carpet Cleaning Preschool and Elementary Schools

Head Lice are an unfortunate reality in schools with children. Carpet cleaning for head lice isn’t considered necessary by the CDC (they recommend vacuuming carpeted areas and avoiding contact for a minimum of 1-2 days). In preschools, however, children often spend time on the floor. Carpet cleaning affords extra peace of mind for many of our customers. If your carpets haven’t been cleaned in a while anyway, a lice outbreak offers another good reason to get them cleaned now. If you have concerns about head lice carpet cleaning, we can help.

Safety is another important element for services at your school. In an environment where children are often using the carpeted floor space, you want assurances that the solutions being put on the carpet are safe and non-toxic. With MSS Cleaning, they are.

Powerful Carpet Cleaning Methods for Schools

Part of the benefit we offer is in the equipment and methods that we use. We bring high powered, truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment with the ability to clean areas as far away as 600 feet. This is something that not many of our competitors can do. Because of our added reach and equipment performance, we can clean massive buildings, even those with multiple floors. We can also put our truck in a place that’s out of your way. MSS Cleaning uses state of the art, IICRC Gold rated equipment and the best accessories available. In addition, we use well tested pre-sprays and rinses that are not only safe and non-toxic, but also extremely efficient and effective at cleaning carpets and removing tough spots.

School Upholstery Cleaning

Your school has upholstery. Lots of upholstery. That’s not a problem. We can effectively clean all sorts of upholstery and area rugs. From cleaning the sofa in the college lounge, to desk chairs and everything in between, we can help. Does your school have area rugs that need cleaning as well? We can help with that too. MSS Cleaning uses state of the art tools and equipment to clean upholstery without overwetting fabrics, which can lead to discoloration or wrinkling.

Tile and Grout Cleaning for Schools

Your whole school likely isn’t carpeted. Many times, we clean tile and grout at a school as well as the cleaning the carpets and upholstery. Your school likely has tile in the entryways, bathrooms, kitchen or hallways. We’ve got you covered. Using the same truck mounted equipment that we use to clean carpets, we can get your school tile and grout cleaned and looking great. Need to have it sealed as well? We help with that too.

Carpet Repairs for Schools

As we’ve already established, the carpets at your school see a lot of wear and tear. From ripped seams, to carpet tears, to areas requiring a carpet patch, we can help. We repair a lot of commercial and residential carpet and can solve almost any problem you may throw at us. Because of this, offices, restaurants and other commercial spaces trust us with their carpet repairs.

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Doctor and Dentist Office Carpet Cleaning Denver

As a doctor or dentist, you know that the appearance of your medical facilities is important. An important of helping to keep that appearance looking it’s best is medical facility carpet cleaning. At MSS Cleaning, we provide our dentist office carpet cleaning services and doctors office carpet cleaning throughout Lakewood, Aurora, Golden and across the entire Greater Denver Area.

Building with dentist office carpet cleaning

Flexible Medical Facility Carpet Cleaning Scheduling

We understand. You barely have enough hours in the day to see your patients and manage your business. The last thing you want to have to deal with is your carpet cleaning company. You simply want your medical facility’s carpets cleaned with the least amount of hassle, and you want it done right. In this regard (well, in all regards, really), MSS Cleaning aims to please. We can provide carpet cleaning in your dentist office or doctor’s office to fit around your schedule. Are your medical offices closed on Saturday or Sunday? Perfect, we work then. Weeknights? We work then too. We have commercial carpet cleaning crews able to work most any time you need us.

Impressing your Customers with our Doctors and Dentist Office Carpet Cleaning Services

When your customers walk into your facility and look down, they don’t want to see stained or dirty carpets. They also don’t want to see stains on upholstery or dirty tile. Your customers are visiting your facility either to have a procedure done, or to receive expert advice. The last thing you want to have on their minds is the lack of cleanliness in your facility. Let MSS Cleaning do what we’re best at, so you can focus on what you’re best at, without being concerned about how your patients feel about the cleanliness of your medical office.

Doctor or Dentist Office Carpet Cleaning Process

You have fragile and expensive equipment. It’s no secret that your medical equipment often costs a small fortune. The last thing you need is to deal with a carpet cleaner in your medical facility banging into your things, or dealing with an uninsured or under insured company if something were to happen. Between our professionalism and way we care for your facilities, and the professional way we conduct business, we’re appropriated insured, and you’re well protected.

Quality Medical Facility Carpet Cleaning Work

To add to this, you don’t want to show up the day after we clean your carpets to find that the carpets are still wet or that there is a powerful perfumed odor still lingering from the carpet cleaning. With our top of the line equipment and best-in-class solutions, there won’t be any foul odors or strong perfumed scents. Furthermore, our products are non-toxic and kid and family safe. MSS Cleaning is your medical facility carpet cleaning partner!

In Summary

When it comes to cleaning the carpets in your dental office or medical practice, call MSS Cleaning. We’re your professional doctor’s office and dentist office carpet cleaners.

The Best Way to Clean Carpets in Denver

…And the Myths You’ve Been Told to Hide the Truth

As a small business owner, I spend a significant amount of time doing competitive research. I’m interested in what is the best way to clean carpets and I like to know what my competitors are up to. As I visit my competitor’s websites, I’m shocked at the amount of unsupported misinformation I see being thrown around. I’ve written this article to address it. Carpet cleaning, as an industry, is filled with “alternative” methods contrived by individuals and companies to sell inferior services based on scare tactics and dubious claims, instead of selling the best carpet cleaning methods not on fact. As with any service, there is always a gradient of quality, from low to high, but it’s helpful to look first at the whole picture.

Various Carpet Cleaning Methods and Their Effectiveness:

Hot water extraction:

Hot water extraction is the best way to clean carpets. It’s the best carpet cleaning method available. This isn’t opinion, it’s fact and it’s supported by evidence.

Hot water extraction (carpet steam cleaning) is approved by, and recommended by many major carpet manufacturers, including Shaw, the industry’s largest. Specifically, Shaw actually requires homeowners to show they have maintained their carpets using hot water extraction (AKA steam cleaning) in order to maintain their carpet’s warranty.

The Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Association (ICRA) and Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) also recommends hot water extraction.

Carpet Cleaning Methods – Why Hot Water Extraction is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method: 

There is a general lack of evidence to support some of the wild claims being thrown around the carpet cleaning industry. Typically this by some of the more dubious and sneaky companies. Below are three meaningful citations from major industry voices:

We recommend that you follow the carpet manufacturers recommendations of hot water extracting your carpet every 12 to 18 months to maintain your warranty.

Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Association

Shaws choice: Hot water extraction

Research indicates that the hot water extraction system provides the best capability for cleaning. This system is commonly referred to as “steam cleaning,” although no steam is actually generated. The process consists of applying a cleaning agent into the carpet pile and using water in the extractor to recover the used solution and soil. This can be done from a truck-mounted unit outside the home with only the hose and wand brought inside or by a portable system brought into the home.

Shaw warranties require that the homeowner be able to show proof of periodic cleaning by hot water extraction (commonly called “steam” cleaning) by a professional cleaning service or do-it-yourself system, using equipment that is certified under the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval program. We strongly recommend cleaning systems that have achieved the Gold Level Performance in the CRI Seal of Approval Program…

Shaw Floors

While there are numerous techniques to utilize when removing dirt and allergens, they don’t always leave the same results. There are many benefits to the flooring and the occupants when hot water and steam are employed… The usual vacuuming and spot cleaning is a necessary step in prolonging the life of the carpet, but such methods can only remove debris at the surface. Performing a deeper treatment approach will remove the dirt, pet hair, dust mites, and other debris that commonly work their way down further or are dug into the fibers themselves.

Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

So, Enough With the Research – How Does Hot Water Extraction (Carpet Steam Cleaning) Actually Work?

A truck mounted carpet cleaning machine (or a less powerful portable machine, typically used for high rises or areas where a truck mount can’t reach) performs a variety of functions. It’s a self contained, powerful engine driven system. It heats water, creates high pressure, and has a huge vacuum system all in one. In short, it’s the best way to clean carpets.

 Typical Hot Water Extraction (Steam Carpet Cleaning) Basic Process

  1. A technician uses the machine’s water pressure to pre-spray carpeted areas to be cleaned. Usually this is with a high pH cleaner designed for the specific type of carpet cleaning to be cleaned. This breaks down dirt, grime and filth. Different solutions require different “dwell” times to be fully effective, so a pause here is likely.
  2. Technician agitates the pre-sprayed areas, as needed, to loosen dirt and grime. Agitation occurs either manually or with a machine.
  3. A complete rinse with a very mild acidic rinse (less acidic than orange juice…) is applied. This application is at high pressure with very hot water. The water temperature is adjustable to well above 250 degrees, though typically it’s kept below 200 degrees because blasting steam everywhere isn’t actually productive. The cleaning is done with a carpet cleaning wand or other accessory. During this step, the initial prespray is neutralized, and very nearly all of the water is sucked back out of the carpets with a very powerful vacuum. The high pressure further safely removes dirt, filth, and grime. Afterwards, there is very little, if any solution left in the carpet. This means the carpet doesn’t re-soil, which was, and is, a common complaint of older (now obsolete, in my opinion) carpet shampoo systems.

Important Elements of What a Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction Machine Does:

  • It consistently heats water to very high temperatures – thus the original name of this service “carpet steam cleaning”. The industry has now mostly moved to “hot water extraction” as the common nomenclature. Having a machine that can keep water consistently hot for the task at hand is absolutely vital. As we all know, hot water cleans better than cold water.
  • It pressurizes this water to be sprayed onto the carpet – different machines produce different amounts of pressure. Some residential units produce a maximum pressure of around 800 PSI. Other massive commercial/industrial machines produce upwards or beyond 3,000 PSI. Typically 700 PSI is about as high as you want to go for just about any carpet cleaning job (often lower). But, it’s useful to have the higher PSI since it’s needed for proper residential or commercial tile cleaning, hard surface cleaning, or other high pressure requiring tasks. This is another reason why larger, commercial grade truck mount carpet cleaning machines are superior. Smaller residential sized truck mounts just don’t have enough power.
  • It produces a whole lot of vacuum to suck up the sprayed water – The bigger the truck mount machines, typically, the bigger the vacuum. Again, here we have a variety of vacuum strengths, ranging from low vacuum like would be found on a portable machine, to vacuums many times stronger than the strongest shop vac hose you’ve ever stuck your hand against. The value of strong vacuum is three-fold. More vacuum means less water left in your carpets. It is also more useful for high PSI tasks like commercial or residential tile cleaning to suck up the excess water. Finally bigger machines are better for flood and restoration work to get more water out of the carpet and pad.


Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning / Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Using a Buffer with a Bonnet / Brush / Low Encapsulation Cleaning

Here’s the sales pitch for “low moisture cleaning”. “We provide dry cleaning, which is the best carpet cleaning method around. It’s safe, and your carpets are nearly dry instantly”

Sounds great, right? Most things with a heavy marketing spin typically do.

The Typical “Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning” Process:

  1. A technician vacuums the floor.
  2. Technician sprays an encapsulation (usually) solution, maybe with an added oxidizer. “Oxi” anything has become quite the marketing buzz word, so has “Citrus” on the carpet.
  3. The technician then uses an agitation tool of some kind. Usually this is either a rotating brush or a bonnet on a buffer, or something similar to agitate the encapsulation (and whatever else) into the carpet fibers. The fibers are stood up by the tool, and the encapsulation provides an initial nice “clean” look.
  4. After the encapsulation dries, the whole thing is supposed to be vacuumed up. This is normally left to the homeowner, in a residential setting, to remove the crystallized dirt with your vacuum in the coming days.

This process is an OK solution. Encapsulation is a process that we actually use ourselves as a cost-saving carpet maintenance solution for our commercial customers. It’s especially useful in office carpet cleaning, for example. We can do this between hot water extractions or in certain other applications where it’s called for. It isn’t, however, the best way to clean carpets. This is exactly the point. These systems were designed as a carpet maintenance method. Instead, though, it is being marketed and sold to consumers as a deep, restorative carpet cleaning, which it is not.

Where Does the Dirt Go?

Take a moment to think through this low moisture carpet cleaning process. Here is the most important missing part (ignoring for a moment the inferior solutions used). There is not any rinsing or removal of the applied and agitated carpet cleaning solutions. There is also not any removal of soil. This is, therefore, not the best way to clean carpets.

When we clean carpets with hot water extraction, we run our truck mounted carpet cleaning machines. When done, we then responsibly drain the water into an approved sewer. The water that comes out almost black. It’s gross. If we can pull 50-100 gallons of nearly black filthy water out of a carpet. Meanwhile, they rub a brush or a buffer over the tops of your carpet fibers, where does the dirt go?

Here’s where a bit of the dirt goes:

A counter rotating brush machine typically has small trays to catch a small amount of flung-up dry soil. Think of the spinning brushes on the street sweeper as it goes by… it’s like that. Except those machines actually use water and a vacuum, too, so maybe it’s a bad example. Bonnet cleaning picks up some dirt from the fibers onto a towel like material. As it’s doing this, the twisting motion can also grind and untwists carpet fibers, wearing them in the process. In reality, though, if you tried to absorb lots of dirt and water with your bath towel, there isn’t exactly a lot of holding capacity, right?

So, you’re now wondering where does the rest of dirt go?

Correct. It stays in your carpet. It’s buried at the bottom of the fibers and in the pad (which coincidentally would otherwise have been cleaned with hot water extraction). Will you vacuum up some of that encapsulated dirt yourself? Sure, but when you sweep out your garage floor, does the sweeping get the concrete floor cleaner than the hose does? Nope. So, you have to play a role in your purchased carpet cleaning by vacuuming? You’re thinking to yourself, “How does this qualify as the best way to clean carpets, again?”.

Another example: When you do your laundry, do you rub a bunch of dry or wet compound/solution (low moisture cleaning) on it, scrub it with something, then let it dry? Not usually. Normally you put it in the washing machine where it receives detergent (a high pH cleaner), which is later rinsed out. Same concept with hot water extraction. Not the best way to clean you laundry – just like it’s not the best way to clean carpets.


If a Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction System is the Best Method for Carpet Cleaning, Why isn’t Everyone Using One?

It’s expensive

Anyone can go out and buy a buffer with a bonnet, or an encapsulation brush system for anywhere from $1,000 on the low end (maybe less if bought used) to around $3,000 on the high side. Someone can also throw this in the back of their station wagon, SUV, or mini van. No van or specialty vehicle needed.

Typically utilized truck mounted carpet cleaning systems, by comparison, run anywhere from $15,000 – $30,000 (or even more). This doesn’t include the cost of the van, or the equipment that goes with it. All told, easily a $50,000 investment on the low side when you want to “do it right”.

There’s a big business behind it

Low moisture carpet cleaning began as a “carpet maintenance” solution used in commercial spaces. Somewhere along the line, someone with a good marketing mind decided to market this to the masses in the the home/residential market as “professional carpet cleaning”. Further, large franchises began seeing how to make a business out of utilizing low cost equipment and instead investing heavily in large marketing. These companies are not interested in what the best way to clean carpets is, instead they are interested in whatever makes the most money while requiring the least amount of cost and training.

This low cost barrier to entry makes it affordable for anyone to become a “professional carpet cleaner”. Professional, yes, when you compare it to your vacuum cleaner. But not when compared to hot water extraction (carpet steam cleaning).

It requires someone to know what they are doing

It’s not hard to train an employee to spray a solution on the ground and run over it with a buffer or counter rotating brush machine. If you’ve ever vacuumed, you could probably do this yourself. A truck mount, however, is a much more complicated machine that requires an understanding of how it works, what settings (there are many) are appropriate, how much solution to apply, what solution is appropriate for what carpet type, etc.

Knowledge of the machine is just the beginning. Knowing the most effective ways to actually clean with a wand or other accessory, ideally route houses, protect walls and corners from rubbing or wear, treat stains, wet vs. dry strokes with a wand, proper coverage of each stroke, protecting furniture and more all takes a lot more training and know-how.


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I hear about all these problems with hot water extraction and how it’s not the best way to clean carpets. What can you say about that!? Here are some common myths about hot water extraction (steam cleaning):

Moisture as a big problem

Many companies not using hot water extraction (I like to think they are jealous) like to over dramatize the amount of water used, the amount of water left in carpets after cleaning, and the also like to make a big deal about dry time.

When we clean a 5 bedroom home, without the use of high velocity fans, by the time we leave (usually about 2 hours later), the first room we carpet cleaned is often dry or very nearly so. If you perform carpet hot water extraction (carpet steam cleaning) the professional way (we do) and put high velocity fans in rooms, rotating them as we clean each room (we do), this expedites drying even more so. In the dry Denver are climate, the moisture is even less of an issue.

Even if the carpet is a little bit damp still for a bit – who cares? Unless you insist on walking around your home only in socks, always, and you’ve never worn anything but socks in your home under any circumstances, ever, I promise this is a non-issue. Just walk around in clean shoes. Or walk around in bare feet. Walk around in slippers. If it suits your fancy, feel free to even walk around in damp socks for an hour or two. Then it’ll be dry, and it’ll actually look, and actually be clean!

Hot water extraction leads to mold

No, it doesn’t. Stop it with the lies or find some reputable evidence to back up your claim. Maybe if your carpet cleaner’s machine has been in service since 1992 and the blower is shot so it doesn’t make any vacuum, so the “tech” puts down water but never removes it… and then you never make any comment about how you’ve been walking around in a puddle for a few days… and your carpet is still wet 2 days after his “cleaning”… yeah, then you are on your way to getting mold. The generally held thought is the mold can begin to develop after 24-48 hours in a consistently wet environment. It certainly doesn’t happen with a few hours after a carpet has just been professionally cleaned. To those spreading the mold myth, enough already. Denver, and all of Colorado, on the whole, is very dry so mold is less of an issue than other climates.

Rent a rug doctor instead of getting hot water extraction, it’s the same thing

…Or some other variant of DIY self carpet cleaning.

Okay, I’m just going to say it. Obviously I’m biased here, but if you’re looking for the way to best get your carpets clean, these rug doctor things are terrible to use. I didn’t always run a carpet cleaning company. Before I did, I used one of these things along with it’s red bottle of pet spray and it’s primary detergent. After I was all in, it took me a few hours of putting luke-warm, low pressure water and strangely perfumed solution down (a tip to the manufacturer, just make it smell like citrus. Everyone seems to be fine with citrus carpet cleaning scents…).

I dumped a bunch of detergent into my carpet, the pet odor was still present, and my carpet DID stay soggy for a while. It DIDN’T cause mold, though, even though it was infinitely more wet than when we professionally clean carpets via hot water extraction! These little machines have an extremely weak water sprayer, and a weak, under powered vacuum (thus the leftover water in the carpets).

More DIY fun

They also don’t roll well, are a pain to move, and you have to fill/drain the water tanks – dirty and clean over and over. Oh, and the cost… $29.99… then you need to buy the detergent for another $14.99 (or more for the “fancy” stuff), then the pre-spray for $5.99… after taxes you’re walking out of there for $60, maybe $60.99 after you get a candy bar. Okay, $62.48, you needed a Coke too, right?

Then you get home and you get to enjoy 2 hours of sweaty misery, regretting being so cheap all the while getting mediocre results. Plus, now you can’t walk around in your socks at least until the next day!

Carpet cleaners use harsh chemicals, and that the low moisture guys don’t

Ok, at the risk of infuriating some people, we use chemicals. Most in the industry call them “solutions”, but they are chemicals. You know what’s also a chemical? Water. “Chemical” shouldn’t have any association with anything bad. But, we do use some “chemicals”. Are they safe and non-toxic? Yup. Safe for pets and kids? Yup. They sure are. Pets? Abolsutely. Are the “low moisture guys” using the same or similar safety carpet solutions, you bet. Are the scare tactics around carpet cleaning “chemicals” a bunch of hullabaloo (I know, great word, right?), yes.

What about waste water, doesn’t that pollute? Aren’t you wasting water?

The first question I have may get a little personal

How often do you shower? When we clean the typical house, we use about 50 gallons of water. How much is 50 gallons of water? About as much as when your 50 gallon water heater runs out and the shower goes cold. I think it’s about that much – but I’m not a water heater expert. By the estimates I’ve found, most families of four use about 12,000 gallons of water a month, 144,000 gallons a year. If you, therefore, get your carpets cleaned once a year, we have used .03% of your annual water – a proverbial drop in the bucket.

The second question – regarding waste water

We solve this problem by equipping our vans with “automatic pump outs”. These are special pumps designed to pump water from our trucks to a sewer via a toilet, janitors sink, or directly into a sewer connection. We use these, instead of your parking lot or driveway to drain water to where it is supposed to go. The EPA says we can dump our water onto a grassy area (so they don’t exactly see it as a big deal anyway), but we’d still prefer to drain it into a sewer just because we think it’s the right thing to do. If we don’t fill up our tank until we return to our shop, and therefore don’t need to use the automatic pump outs, we drain it directly into a sewer connection at the shop.

Wrapping Up your Education on the Best Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Ok, so the methods have been explained, the myths have been dispelled, and the the bonnet / brush / low moisture cleaners have been overthrown by the best method for carpet cleaning, the king of the carpet cleaning world – truck mounted hot water extraction. So, what’s the next step now that you know everything about the best way to clean carpets in Denver? I guess it’s that you call us to book your next carpet cleaning!



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Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Services in Denver

Why a Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine is Best

When looking for professional Denver truck mount carpet cleaning services, our recommendation at MSS Cleaning is to first look for a service provider offering truck mounted hot water extraction. Hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning) is the best method for cleaning carpets.

There are two types of carpet cleaning machines that can be used for hot water extraction. A portable carpet cleaning machine and a truck mount carpet cleaning machine. Whenever a truck mount is available, it’s by far the superior option. Truck mounted carpet cleaning machines have significantly better suction, heat, and pressure. This leads to a more thorough, faster carpet cleaning with shorter dry times.

MSS Cleaning is the best truck mount carpet cleaner in Denver and the surrounding areas.

best Denver carpet cleaning services
Denver carpet cleaning services with a truck mount carpet cleaning machine sapphire scientific 570SS

Not All Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machines are Created Equal

For providing Denver carpet cleaning services, there are a wide range of truck mount carpet cleaning machines. The quality of work and reliability between machines also varies greatly.

  • Firstly, there are smaller residential units with 15-20 horsepower.
  • Secondly, there are larger commercial truck mount units (such as the units we use) with 25-35 horsepower.
  • Finally there are huge truck mount machines with 60 horsepower car engines designed for massive industrial jobs or giant water extraction needs.

These huge industrial carpet cleaner machines are in most cases overkill for smaller jobs and produce too much heat to not be used in dual wand operations.

We’ve found the sweet spot for both residential carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning to be in the Sapphire Scientific 570SS machine. This truck mount carpet cleaning machine offers huge suction. It also provides up to 1,500 PSI of continuous pressure and 3 heat exchangers to create hot, constant heat.  

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Four Reasons Why our Truck Mounts Help us to be the Best

First, reach:

Our truck mount carpet cleaning machines can pull vacuum for up to 600 feet. We carry 600 ft. of hose to take advantage of that reach. Smaller residential machines are lucky to pull vacuum half of that distance (many even less).

For Denver carpet cleaning services, this means we can park in a safe place, and that we can carpet clean large office buildings reaching the farthest corners, even in huge spaces.

Second, heat:

When it comes to truck mounted carpet cleaning services, MSS Cleaning can provide plenty of heat to clean carpets right. Effective, professional carpet cleaning requires hot, consistent heat.

When you wash your dishes with hot water instead of cold water, its significantly easier and more effective. In the same way, hot water is vital to getting your carpets as clean as possible. Heat is also lost over long hose runs in smaller machines.

Having machines that can put out more heat than we could ever need makes sure we can do the job right. Even with long hose runs for carpet cleaning large buildings. High heat is also vital for other tasks like tile cleaning or other hard surface cleaning. Like the dish washing example before, cleaning surfaces with hot water vs. cold water is infinitely more effective.

Third, pressure:

Many smaller residential truck mount carpet cleaning machines have a maximum sustained pressure of 1,000 PSI or less. While that may be adequate for carpet cleaning, we can deliver 50% more pressure than “the other guys”. This makes a huge difference in getting your tile and grout lines cleaned. The same applies for cleaning concrete or other hard surfaces.

Fourth, age and maintenance:

Like all heavy-duty equipment, all truck mounted carpet cleaning machines have a useful life. Estimates vary on how many hours this is and how long a company can keep their old machines limping along. At MSS Cleaning, we prefer to avoid ever getting close to the point of ineffectiveness. We replace our equipment that no longer functions at full capacity.

You want Denver’s best carpet cleaning services. Those carpet cleaning services can’t be delivered on under-powered or beat up old carpet cleaning machines. We see it all the time – “carpet cleaners” using rusted out, outdated, beat to death truck mounts and equipment. Secondarily, we see companies trying to hack it in the commercial space using small, under-powered truck mounts or portables.

Place your trust with MSS Cleaning to bring the right, modern, well maintained equipment and to be the best truck mount carpet cleaners in Denver.

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When a Portable Machine is Needed

Whenever possible, MSS Cleaning uses a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine for it’s superior carpet cleaning abilities. There are certain limited instances, however, where using a truck mount carpet cleaner is not feasible.

For the most part, portable carpet machines should only be needed for tall, multi-story buildings or other limited access scenarios. Once you get beyond the 3rd floor, pulling hoses for a truck mount starts to get difficult (though sometimes it still is possible for another floor or two).

When faced with these challenges, MSS Cleaning can still provide the best portable carpet cleaning services in Denver. We use our portable machines in carpet cleaning high rise offices, carpet cleaning condos, or carpet cleaning apartments. While not as strong as a truck mount carpet cleaner, we can still do a great job with providing the best portable, Denver carpet cleaning services.


For all your Denver carpet cleaning services, trust MSS Cleaning

Regardless of whether you need Denver carpet cleaning services in your home or your business. Whether you are on the first floor, or the 40th. Irrespective of if you need carpet cleaning for have 1,000 sq. ft. of carpet in your home or you need commercial carpet cleaning for your 100,000 sq. ft. office or restaurant carpet cleaning, you can feel confident in knowing the experts at MSS Cleaning will always bring the best equipment available to clean your carpets and other spaces in the best way that it can be cleaned.

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MSS Cleaning Recommends Alpine Maids

Here’s some advice from our friend and business partner, Chris, Owner of Alpine Maids: We’re a locally owned maid service based in Denver, CO. We focus on providing amazing home cleaning, but sometimes we get requests for carpet cleaning.  When those requests come in we refer all of our customers over to Andrew as MSS Cleaning servicing Lakewood, CO and the surrounding areas. We know our customers are in the best hands when we refer them over to Andrew.

However, if you are looking to get your whole home back in order you’ll need to catch up on your regular cleaning as well.  Below are some common cleaning mistakes you can avoid in order to speed up the whole cleaning process and get your home back in order!

  1. Use the correct product for the job

Different cleaning products serve different purposes, and all too often we see people using the wrong product for the job.  Be sure to use a bathroom cleaner in the bathroom, degreaser in the kitchen, and all purpose cleaner in common areas.

  1. Too much cleaner

A lot of research goes into formulating and using cleaning products correctly.  We find that a little often goes a long way.  If you over-use cleaning products you run the risk of making it harder to wipe away the grime, and even damaging the surface that you’re cleaning.

  1. Not reading the directions

As stated above, a lot of research goes into how to use cleaning products.  Some are meant to be applied to the surface you are cleaning while others are meant to be applied to your cloth or sponge.  Missing these nuances could cost you a lot of time.

  1. No emptying your vacuum

We find so many full vacuums in the homes we service.  When over-filled the collected dirt and grime can often bypass the filtration system and shoot right out of the vacuums exhaust coating everything in a fine layer of dust after you just cleaned it!  Simply emptying your vacuum and changing the filter regularly can avoid this.

  1. Using low quality cloths

We have found that it is absolutely worth it to splurge on high quality microfiber. Our microfiber cloths are so good that we often do not need any special cleaning products at all.  A simple combination of high quality microfiber and water can remove most buildup from our regularly maintained homes.

  1. Letting things build up

Once you have let your home get away from you it seems daunting to get it back on track!  The best way to start one room at a time.  Get all of your supplies ready and have the accessible in the middle of the room.  If you make a plan to conquer one room a day for a whole week you can have your whole home cleaned by the end of the week with a minimal time commitment.

If you ever decide you’d like to free up your time we can help you at Alpine Maids just visit our website for a great Denver Maid Service. We also offer spring cleanings which can be paired with a carpet cleaning from MSS Cleaning to get your home back to new