If you have out of reach ceilings, look up. Chances are, things are looking a bit dusty if you haven’t had high dusting services recently. MSS provides a wide array of commercial cleaning services in Denver and all across the greater Denver area. From carpet cleaning to high dusting, we literally have your cleaning needs covered from floor to ceiling. Frequently we combine high dusting with a complementary service. After we knock down the dust, it’s also the perfect time to deep clean your floors. Whether that means cleaning carpet, tile or another hard surface.

High Dusting Method

MSS Cleaning’s trained professionals use extension poles, compressed air and other high dusting equipment to successfully remove dust from vents, lighting fixtures, fans, speakers, or anything else out of reach. Because working at night poses it’s own challenges, we bring our own high powered lighting when needed. Our method also makes sure we can see the dust and make sure it’s fully removed.

high dusting restaurant ceiling

High dusting is often overlooked, but it’s something your guests or patrons notice when it’s not done, or done right. This is an important component of an overall commercial cleaning strategy for your facility. Let us help you with this service to keep things looking great.

Complementary Services

In addition to high dusting, we can also provide a wide variety of commercial facilities maintenance services.

MSS Cleaning is here to be your full service provider to keep you restaurant, office, retail space, or other facilities looking their best. We provide high dusting services to many well known companies across the state and we’d love to add you to our list. Whether you’re a small single location business or an entire state-wide franchise, we’re here to help.