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Carpet Stretching – Two Reasons Why You Need It

Poor Carpet Installation

The most common reason we see for having to stretch carpet is a poor carpet installation. For carpet to be correctly installed, a tool called a power stretcher is used. You can see one towards the top of the after-stretching image. This tool safely applies a whole lot of leverage. It then tensions and stretched the carpet into place. Next, the installer then uses a tool called a knee kicker. This places the stretched carpet onto tack strips where it is held tightly into place.

Often times, lazy “installers” skip the power stretcher. They install whole areas of carpet with a knee-kicker only. This leads to, you guessed it… your carpet developiong wrinkles and bubbles. LONG before it ever should.

Your Carpet Is Just Old

The backing of your carpet is typically made of latex. Over time and with wear, this (and other carpet backings) starts to loosen up. When this happens, the original tension in your carpet lessens. Then wrinkles and bubbles start to form.

The Fix?

Re-stretching the carpet with a power stretcher is the prescription. After it’s been stretched, the carpet is re-tucked onto the tack strips with a knee kicker. Finally the excess carpet is trimmed off and thrown away. This results in tight, properly tensioned carpets.

Brown wrinkled carpet next to linoleum floor
more of this and less of that image showing comparison between two images above and below it
Brown carpet stretching in denver showing the after photo once the carpet had been stretched

Saving you Money: Carpet stretching can bring many years of life back to a carpet. Instead of replacing the carpet, a properly stretched carpet will look and perform better again. MSS Cleaning is your proven choice for Denver carpet stretching.

Denver Cleaning and Stretching Experts

Many times, carpets need to be stretched and cleaned. Many of our customers like that we can expertly provide both services. Often, we can stretch carpet (or repair carpet) and clean it on the same day.

Pull Back Soiled Carpet

Replace Carpet Pad and Clean Carpet

Properly Stretch and Reinstall Carpet

Carpet cleaning and stretching – something we can do that many other companies can’t

Sometimes pet stained carpet can be so bad that it’s not worth trying to extract all of the urine out of the carpet. When situations like this occur, we can still save the carpet. This saves you replacement costs. It also eliminated the hassles of trying to match a new piece of carpet to the existing carpet.

Heres a typical example of what we do to clean and stretch carpet:

  1. Pull back the carpet
  2. Clean (and sometimes seal) the subfloor beneath the damaged pad
  3. Clean the backing and the top of the carpet
  4. Replace the damaged carpet pad
  5. Stretch the carpet back into place, professionally reinstalling it

A Carpet Cleaning Company that Both Cleans and Stretches Your Carpet

We understand that you’d probably prefer not to spend your time interviewing, calling, scheduling, and waiting for multiple carpet contractors. Fortunately, we can professionally handle all of your carpet related needs under one room. Saving you time, hassle, and frustration.

carpet cleaning and re-installation with carpet pad replacement due to pet urine damage

 Regardless of your carpet stretching needs, MSS Cleaning is your one-stop-shop for carpet stretching in Denver.

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