Although we often associate allergies with the blossoming of spring, winter can be a brutal season for people suffering from allergies. The allergens that are likely to bother your nose during the winter are those found right inside your home. By shutting up all your windows and hunkering down for the cold months, you increase the odds of allergens being present in your home’s air. If you want to cut down on these indoor allergens, read on for some fast tips!

Start With Your Air Filter

The first thing to do when looking to reduce your home’s allergens is to replace your air filters. If you are running a furnace during the winter months, change the filter at the beginning of the season. Did you forget to change your filter this fall? There is no time like the present. Air filters are a fast, inexpensive fix that will not only lower the amount of allergens floating around your home, but will also help your furnace run more efficiently.

Groom Fido

Do you have pets in your home? While you may not be allergic enough to consider living without furry friends, dander and fur can aggravate anyone’s allergies, especially during the winter months. Keep your pets well groomed. Give them frequent baths and try to de-shed them with a thorough brushing as often as possible. Not only will you breathe easier, but your pets will look ready to win a blue ribbon. Don’t have enough time on your hands to groom them? Take them for a quick trip to your local groomer. Your nose will thank you.

Deep Clean Your Home

Don’t put off spring cleaning for the warmer months, start deep cleaning your home now. It is extremely important to clean your home frequently during the winter months to cut down on allergens. Vacuum more often than you normally would, sweep hardwood floors daily, and dust like your life depends on it. These simple, quick tasks can help you cut down greatly on allergens in your home. This is particularly necessary if you live with pets or you own a lot of indoor plants.

Schedule Carpet Cleaning

One of the best ways to cut down on allergens in your home this winter is to schedule a carpet shampoo. Unfortunately, even with frequent vacuuming, carpet is notorious for trapping all kinds of allergens. From pet dander to bad odors to dirt and grime, carpet has a way of hanging on to every particle that lands upon it. Over time these particles are ground further into the padding of the carpet and simple cleaning tricks won’t remove them. Carpet steam cleaning will effectively remove these allergens, leaving you with carpet that both looks and smells new. If you have been suffering from indoor allergies, talk to us about scheduling a full home clean. We can help you fight indoor allergens this winter by keeping your home’s air clean and fresh.

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