Staining your carpet is almost an inevitability of owning carpet. Whether you knocked over your wine glass while doubled over in laughter, or your furry friend decided to waltz through the living room with mud ridden paws, stains happen. The good news is, they can be prevented, handled, and even cleaned after they have set. Check out our quick tips on what to do when you stain your carpet.

Start With Prevention

The best key to handling carpet stains is to prevent as many as possible. Obviously you will never be able to stop every mishap from occurring, but there are some measures you can put in place that will aid you in keeping your carpets free from stains.

  • Use Mats: Purchase some quality mats to place in front of your doorways. When people enter, encourage them to use these mats to rid their feet of any mud. These mats will even help keep Fido’s paws cleaner when your furry pal romps in from the outdoors.
  • Implement A No Shoe Rule: Perhaps you grew up with a no shoes in the house rule, and maybe it drove you a little crazy to be constantly told to take your shoes off at the door. The reality is though, no shoes in the house is a fantastic way to prevent staining. Although some stains happen due to a quick accident, like a spilled cup of joe, a lot of stains occur over time. An example of this might be a darkened area in your carpet leading from the doorway to the other side of the room. Taking off your shoes will prevent stains, and keep from wearing down your carpet as quickly.
  • Clean Paws: If you do have pets, be sure you clean their paws every time they come in from the outdoors. Do this with a warm, wet cloth and gently wash their pads. This will not only keep your carpets cleaner, but all your furniture as well

Take Care Of It Right Away

If you do spill something like red wine, coffee, or another equally noticeable item, take care of the issue right away. Grab a damp cloth and dab the area. Never rub the area as you will actually push the stain further into the carpet. We recommend using gentle, natural cleaners like baking soda or dish soap rather than harsh chemical cleaners. Be gentle, and dab the area with your clean cloth. Once you have added a little bit of water and cleaning solution, keep applying pressure to remove any liquid from your carpet. Keep repeating the blotting process until the stain is pulled out of the carpet.

Call In the Pros

If you cannot remove a carpet stain through the above methods, call in the pros. Through carpet steam cleaning, we can remove even the toughest stains. Remember, the sooner you contact us for carpet cleaning, the better chance of fully removing the stain.

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